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What are Black Diamonds?

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Black Diamonds are, as the name suggests, diamonds that are black. Unlike other diamonds, they get their black hue from them being opaque and come in only one color density, i.e. “Fancy Black”.

This happens because, although they are formed the same way as other colorless diamonds, their excessive inclusions cause the diamonds to possess a dark opaqueness. This dark tone is because of the presence of graphite and amorphous carbon as well as random clustering throughout the diamond, as opposed to naturally occurring interactions with other elements such as nitrogen or boron.

The Black Diamond, is the toughest form of natural diamond, is also known as “Carbonado.”

Black diamonds are formed the same way as white diamonds, however, it is unknown to gemologists, as to why black diamonds are so heavily included, and white diamonds are not. It can only be assumed that it is the result of high pressures within the earth’s interior. But it is still baffling to many as to why these deposits are only found in Brazil and Central Africa. This gives rise to the assumption that the diamonds have simply crashed down in meteorite years and years ago, and hence are only found in these two locations.

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Are Black Diamonds real?

Yes, they are very much real, but with natural black diamonds being a rarity.

Because of the surge in black diamonds over the years, it is crucial to know the properties of black diamonds, if they are natural or man-made.

Natural black diamonds are procured from locations like Brazil and Central Africa. These are the diamonds that are known as natural “Fancy Black”. These are rarer than most colourless diamonds.

The other category of black diamonds obtains their colour from the inclusion of graphite and random clustering throughout the diamond and hence are also considered natural.

The demand for black diamond jewellery has shot up mainly due to various international celebrities sporting black diamond jewellery either on the red carpet or at popular events.

The popularity of said diamonds among the rich and famous seemed to have skyrocketed due to the mysterious and unique allure of the black diamond, and black diamonds as well as salt and pepper* diamonds have been a popular feature in Rap videos and a significant part of men’s jewellery.

“The Salt and Pepper* diamonds which are so much in demand these days are the black diamonds which have a little less black inclusions and they look white or grey with black hues, and from this, they get their name.”

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What are the types of Black Diamonds?

Natural Black Diamonds

For all the astronomy lovers out there, Natural “Fancy Black” Diamonds are assumed by many to have crashed down from space from a large meteorite, many years ago and hence are only to be found in places like Brazil and in the Central African Republic.

However most argue that these diamonds are just White Diamonds in the earth with dark inclusions in them, which give them their attractive black tone. It is said to be an impure form of polycrystalline diamond consisting of graphite, and amorphous carbon.

Only two other diamonds are labelled as “Fancy”, and that’s white and red diamonds. Other colour diamonds range from faint to fancy dark.

Although they are famously worn by individuals from all genders, they have been mainly viewed as a stone associated with masculinity.

While not as rare as pink and yellow colourless diamonds, they are still quite rare in their own right, however this does not make them more expensive than most colourless diamonds.

But as the demand increases, so does the price, and also the input of treated and synthetic black diamonds.

Treated Black Diamond

Since natural black diamonds are rare and quite expensive, many buyers turn to treated black diamonds, which are known to be white diamonds that are severely included.

Like all other gemstone treatments, they are inflicted with intense heat or irradiation to transfer them from their rough state to their dark opaqueness.

All diamonds are purchased based on their Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat, and so is the black diamond. They are firstly observed on whether the black colour is uniform throughout the stone, but because treated black diamonds are heavily included, they are less expensive and comparable to colourless diamonds in rate.

Man-Made Black Diamonds

As the title points out, these diamonds are lab-grown, produced by hi-tech companies, are vastly cheaper and considered faux. In fact, many do not classify these “stones” as diamonds at all. It is considered a waste of time, effort and money to even consider purchasing lab-grown diamonds, so it is better to instead invest in a Natural “Fancy” black diamond, a Salt and Pepper diamond or rather a properly treated one.

When a real diamond is under ultraviolet light, the stone should emit a distinguished blue hue. However, this will only happen with about one-third of all diamonds. A fake diamond will almost never look blue under a black or UV light.

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