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What are the Uses of Gemstones?

gemstone pendant
gemstone pendant
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To an ordinary individual, the usage of a gemstone is limited to only one purpose-jewellery, which is why the multiple uses of gemstones have been considerably overshadowed by this popular assumption. Hence the other ways in which gemstone may be materialized, may not really come to mind.

But if you are a person with a keen interest in gemology, or rather just someone curious about mineralogy, you should take a look at some of the profound uses of gemstones below.


The most widely known usage of gemstones, jewellery receives its due credit for popularizing and giving rise to the study of gemology. Because of the popularity, gemologists have gone on to decipher many unique and beneficial uses of gemstones other than pure ornamental value. The most common stone to adorn most jewellery is the diamond.

Manufacturing and Industries

Diamond, the most popular gemstone, takes the throne for being the hardest substance, which is embedded in Industrial grade tools that are used to slice through concrete and steel. However, it should be noted, that diamonds used in jewellery are not the same as the diamonds used in said industrial tools.


A popular practice in India, gemstones are a vital feature of astrology.

In Astrology each gemstone is associated with a planet, which is then known to harvest energy from the planet and pass it onto the wearer, who then will experience a daily wave of positive energy and stability.


Believe it or not, gemstones have been used in cosmetics for decades.

A Chinese Imperial practice has been to crush pearls and oyster shells, to use as exfoliants or anti-ageing, considering pearl contains calcium carbonate used in brightening the skin and as protection from sun rays.

Diamonds are also a common ingredient found in high-end luxury skincare products, with diamonds used during microdermabrasion treatments, in a tool called the wand where real stones are embedded in the tip to facilitate effective exfoliation.

Jade is used to making derma rollers, which are said to rejuvenate the skin and increase blood circulation.

Benefits of wearing Gemstone

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Heritage and Connection

Nothing screams family heirloom more than gemstone infused jewellery. Such precious pieces have been passed down through family generations for millennia and instil a sense of love and comfort in the wearer, and also serves as a reminder of ancestral roots and family heritage.

As in the case of “Signet Rings”, also known as the “Gentleman’s Ring” has been around since biblical times, and to this day have been used as symbols of family heritage. They usually bear a symbol of the family crest or coat of arms on the flat surface of the gem or precious metal.


It is widely known that gemstones have various healing powers. Each stone is said to be associated with a planet and uses that power to influence positive energy in the wearer.

Since the last decade, stones with powerful healing properties like Ruby, Rose quartz, and Amethyst have become quite a popular world over because of the surge in mental and personal upkeep.


Healing crystals and gemstones have been used since ancient times to cure various illnesses and mental health issues, and this technique has been picked up by the new millennial generation.

Gemstones are now used in therapy to mainly bring about positive change in a person’s lifestyle and are also believed to cure anxiety, depression and rid a person of negative energy. They are also used alongside candle therapy to invoke better healing.


If you're looking for a piece of jewellery to survive the essence of time, gemstones are the way to go. Investing in good quality gemstones is a must particularly if you want it to last long enough for usage by the next generation of wearers.

For this purpose, we advise our buyers to carefully ponder their preferred gemstone and ask them to list out the four C’s, that is Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat before making a purchase.

We could go on, but why not find out for yourself? Experience the profound wonders of owning gemstones, by heading to our website and selecting the most suitable gemstone with our help at Gems diamonds by Shikha.

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