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Rose Cut Diamond

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Rose Cut diamonds are also known as antique diamonds because their origin can be traced back to the 1500's, used in the Georgian and Victorian era's. They are slowly making their way back into modern jewelry with engagement rings. 

Rose cut diamonds are basically diamonds cut to replicate a rose bud and its petals. The number of facets can range from 3 to 24 depending on the number of inclusions. Unlike a brilliant round cut, that possesses a pavillion, a rose cut diamond has a flat base, with a faceted domed surface. Appearing visually larger, all the cuts are on the surface, the carat weight at the bottom is reduced and so is the price, making it a cheaper alternative to round brilliant cut diamonds.

They are available in black, champagne, opaque, rustic, salt and pepper, light brown, opaque white, grey, yellow.

You can find shapes like oval, pear, marquise, cabochon, traditional rounds, hexagon and freeform.

In terms of durability, they are at the same level as any other diamonds and can withstand time and weather. Preferable for daily use such as engagement rings, earrings and pendants and are available as natural and lab grown. They produce more of a lustre than a sparkle, and are perfect in low light settings.

Types- Single Rose cut, Rose cut with additional facets, double cut, briolette.

Settings- Bezel, Prong and Frame.

Ranging from $36+ to $11,000+, Rose Cut diamonds are not mass produced products, each stone is handpicked by our owner,Shikha, herself. We not only have small quantities to meet your test designs but also have wholesale quantities available in almost all Rose Cut Diamonds. We can provide any rose cut diamond for sale with any shape and any drill according to your requirements.

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Rose cut diamond jewelry has recently entered the market thanks to a few celebrities sporting rose cut diamond engagement rings.A simple way to recognise a Rose Cut Diamond, is to hold it up to your eye level, or hold it next to a brilliant cut diamond, and if the bottom is flat with a domed, multiple facet surface, then it is a rose cut.

Always judge a diamond on the basis on Colour, Cut, Carat and Clarity.

Always ask for a certificate to check the authenticity of the diamond incase you have your doubts.

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