Top 5 diamond jewelry trends 2019

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Are you a little late to the jewelry scene? That's ok, because we got you covered. Take a look at five of the top diamond jewelry trends this year..

#5 Finger Ring Piercing

Not meant for the faint of heart, but the quirkiest trend in 2019, if not the decade, is the ring piercing. Coughed up by millennials, potential brides and grooms have decided to take that extra step in their commitment, and pierce their ring finger, in place of a traditional engagement ring. If a round brilliant diamond is too expensive, or non optional, then a rose cut diamond with it's flat base supported by a frame works better and will shift less. Think you're up for it? To each his own. If piercings make you nauseous, then simply go in for the good old fashioned diamond engagement ring, or moissanite stone. The Highlight of the finger piercing trend is that you probably won't lose your diamond that easily. *Wink*

#4 Diamond Hoops

From Street style to the Catwalk, hoops have come a long way. So it wasn't surprising when people started reinventing them to suit their preferences and tastes. So now we have flower hoops, Aztec hoops and now diamond hoops. Designers set the metal with an array of of natural or lab grown diamonds, or raw rough cut diamonds which can range from pastel to rainbow to ombre, or the famous white diamonds. 

#3 Rose gold Jewelry

Rose gold, being a popular metallic shade itself, has been used in jewelry making for a while in the industry now. But in the last few years, the shade as a whole has got millennials and other age groups raving over it. Especially on Instagram. It's popularity on the photo sharing site has catapulted it into such fame, it is now available as bags, headgears, clothing and accessories, with even rose cut diamonds with rose gold bands thrown into the mix. So it should be no surprise that jewelry designers have decided to go the rose gold way, and set diamonds on rose gold engagement bands, earrings, necklaces etc. And given the rage, this trend seems like it might hardly die out soon.

#2 Galaxy Jewelry

Visually stunning, yet very dainty, petite diamond encrusted pieces, galaxy inspired jewelry has been trying to have it's moment in the sun for a while now. Diamonds embedded in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and even white gold will have designs that resemble celestial bodies, like stars, the moon and the sun. Galaxy jewelry has also introduced to buyers, rough uncut diamond jewelry, which is low cost and replicates space perfectly. Custom made orders may include planets, according to the buyers zodiac sign or a constellation that may depict a name, direction, animal or person.

#1 Environmental Friendly

With the onset of global warming, and increased campaigning by activists for sustainability, jewelry designers and also customers have been quickly turning to sustainable materials in order to decrease their negative impact on the environment. For example, jewelry made from natural coral has been widely discouraged, considering the state of the already damaged coral reefs. 

In many cases the precious metals used to hold the diamonds, which are conflict free, are made from recycled metal, which does not degrade in quality every time it is recycled. 

Tools for cutting and shaping are powered by solar panels and other clean sources of energy.

Even packaging, is made from recyclable and biodegradable materials, with instructions to the customers on the best way to dispose of the package after opening.

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