Steps to Identify Moissanite from Diamond

In another update, we listed the reasons to purchase either a moissanite or a diamond, according to what suits you the best. However if you don't want to fall into a trap, or need more help deciding, we got you covered…

To summarize, moissanite stone is often used as a cheaper substitute to diamond, although their properties are more or less the same. So that it is natural in some instances that people may be falsely influenced to buy moissanite diamonds instead of diamond.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Moissanite Online


Hold up a moissanite stone to the light, and you will notice that it emits rainbow flecks and is noticeably sparklier than a natural diamond. Although the chemical properties of moissanite and diamond are similar, they are completely different in terms of brilliance, and the refraction is one factor to help differentiate the two.

2. Fire

You might be confused, but the "fire" is another important aspect of difference. If you are clueless as to what fire is, it is the twinkling flashes of yellow, golden that sort of resemble flames, between each facet, and this encourages the sparkle. That being said, fire and brilliance are not the same. Fire is mostly overlooked as observers are mainly interested in the sparkle. For moissanite, the fire is a reflection of coloured light, will seem more intense and emit rainbow sparkles. It is this intensity that one should look out for, in moissanite, and in turn makes moissanite jewelry popular.

3. Colour Grading

Colour Grading is common for all gemstones, and is a massive contributor to sales, as the colour is the one of the eye grabbing qualities of each stone. Whereas in the case of moissanite, they are not colourless, and is colour graded similar to a GIA certified K colour diamond. However it should be noted that moissanite does not have the same refractive properties as a diamond. This becomes clear under observation. While competing with diamond on brilliance, the cut of the diamond gives out intense shine. To many people, the display from the facet junctions of moissanite, seems blurry, compared to a diamond, which is clear cut. Keep this in mind before you decide to buy moissanite online.

4. Mohs Scale

Durability is an important feature in all gemstones. People need to know if it's really worth investing in precious stones, and if the stone they invest in will crumble and weather away over time. 

So for this we have the Mohs scale to ease our consciousness, and each gemstone is registered according to its hardness. Diamond is the hardest substance which registers as a 10, and is appropriate for long-term, daily usage, such as engagement rings. However moissanite, while close to it, only registers as 9.5. While this might not seem like that much of a gap, it is actually prone to chipping and scratches, and will need to be taken care of, or worn only on special occasions.

5. Price

Possibly the best way to check, but if the pricing of a moissanite stone resembling a diamond is presented to you, with a lower price, it may just be moissanite. A reason why a percentage of crowd lean towards moissanite diamonds online is the lower price.

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