Pearl Jewellery that Suits your Personal Style

Pearls and Pearl jewellery are the darlings of romantic films and rom coms. To quote Catherine Zeta Jones from Zorro Part 2, “Every Woman loves pearls”. Is she lying?

Right from live action to Animation, Pearls steal the scene whether you like it or not. It's hard not to be fascinated with them. And what makes it more intriguing is that it's the easiest gem to design with. All it needs is to be drilled, and threadled and there you have it, a classy piece of fine jewelry. Need we ask for more?

But let's brush through some facts about this stunning gem that nature has handed us on a platter, atop a gold tassel, red velvet cushion.

Where do Pearls come from?

Natural pearl is produced within the soft tissue of a shelled mollusk. Like the exterior of the shell, the pearl is made up of calcium carbonate. The traditional pearl is naturally round, but sometimes forms into other shapes. Better quality equals more expensive. Registers as 2.5 to 4.5 on the Mohs scale, is generally white.

What types of Pearl are  Available?

Pearls are available in different types like Abalone, biwa, fancy, hand carved, fresh water, natural mother of pearl, natural cultured pearls, natural etc.

Shapes like Oval, cabochons, pear, cushion, coin, rectangular, round, hand carved, long box beads, and briolette are available .

And Colours of Ivory, grey, black mother of pearl, mother of pearl, blue, silver and gold, pink and lavender etc. Pearls which don’t develop their own colours naturally are treated to be given their desired hue. The rarest pearl colour is pink. Created by the endangered queen conch snail and as yet have not been successfully cultured. Because of the shortage and the rage to acquire pink toned pearls, most pink pearls on the market are dyed freshwater pearls.

Black pearls are just as famous as natural white pearls. Their deep colour gives it an element of danger and mystery.

Basically in this world there are two main types, Natural and Cultured. Because of the massive demand, the majority of the pearls on the market are cultured. The Natural pearls are harder to come by, and because they are directly from nature without human interference, they are valued more and hence more expensive.

The most expensive Natural pearl ever sold was a Marie Antoinette Pearl pendant in 2018 for 32 million. Its fashionable, controversial and historical owner played a part in its high price tag.

Cultured pearls originate from human interference in the development of the pearl. Farmers retrieve oysters, then insert a small mollusk tissue or donor tissue inside the oyster and leave it on the ocean floor for six months to a couple of years waiting for the pearl to form, then they retrieve the same oyster and excavate the pearl. While cultured pearls increase supply, it is still not the easiest process and therefore still expensive.

Again with cultured pearls, we have no control over the final product. The final outcome depends on the oyster.  Long story short, the larger, rounder, lustrous pearl is considered more expensive than the smaller versions. It is also said that larger oysters create larger pearls.

How do I style Pearl Jewellery?

The first thing that comes to a person's mind when it comes to pearls is that they are a product of class. Pearls, especially natural pearls, are meant to be worn for special occasions. But now and then, if you are a fan of a set, they can be worn well if worn the right way.

Age is a factor to be taken into consideration. While all age groups can sport pearls, older men and women look perfect in them . But to each his own, there are no rules in style.

If you were to wear a short, cocktail dress, a single strand of pearls should do. But if you were to style a long slender, evening gown, you can dance between a pearl choker with a diamond or gemstone pendant, or even multiple long strands of fine pearls will look elegant, particularly if you want to hide cleavage or a low neckline.

Tear drop pearl earrings are a favourite with celebrities on the red carpet and also other folk. Tear drop pearl earrings do well with casual and evening wear.

In the old days, pearls were found to only be in possession of Royalty. Right from Indian Maharajas to European Monarchs. After cultured pearls came into being, us common folk finally were able to get our hands on a few. Of course over the years demand grew and so did production.

If you are born in the month of june, the birthstone is pearl, which gives you all the more of an excuse to wear it.

Where do I get Pearls and Pearl jewellery?

If you are simply a jewellery and gem aficionado, then getting hold of pearls is a piece of cake, if you of course have the funds for it. Natural white pearls are rare and expensive, but because of the demand, you will find cultured pearls that are a little less expensive.

You can get hold of Pearl drop earrings, pearl bead necklaces, secured with precious metal connectors and clasps. Pearl rings, broaches, charm bracelet pendant and many more.

Like any other piece of fine jewelry, they need to be looked after. Lightly clean them after use and place in a velvet pouch or a box with velvet cushioning. Away from dust and light. They register low on the Mohs scale, so they are considered a soft gem and therefore are susceptible to damage. If you wish to pass them down to offspring or friend, it needs to be well looked after.

If you want to buy pearls for sale online, the process is pretty straightforward. However if you are a designer and wish to craft your own pearl jewelry, you have the option of buying pearls wholesale online, which is a better option, drilled or undrilled. And of course you will be shown a variety of types, colour and size.

When buying Pearl online for sale and in store, keep in mind, always ask for a certificate to check the authenticity of the pearl in case you have your doubts.

At Gems Diamonds By Shikha, you can select from a variety of pearl and genuine gemstone beads which will meet your design project. If not? Then drop us a mail on and we will get back to you with the best deals.

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