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Virtual Diamond and Gemstone Buying is the New Normal

The year 2020 hasn’t been the best for anyone involved in employment or running their own business. The fast travelling pandemic managed to put a stop to everything in motion this year. While the lockdown and safety guidelines have forced people to rethink their business strategy, many have suffered, the economy has hit a wall, and unemployment continues to rise. At the moment the only one seemingly profiting are those in the essential commodities sector and those in healthcare.

So how does the rest of the world cope with this sort of crisis? Luckily while we are now in the era of social distancing, we are fortunately also in the age of the internet. Those of us who were already tasked with work from home duties, had no trouble with this transition and easily assimilated into normal life. For those still anxious and confused about the current situation, let's give you a few pointers on how to blend in.

Work from Home

Since the Pandemic, work from home has been everyone's go to, while this transition has been a little easier for online businesses, unfortunately businesses that depend on physical human presence have had difficulty coping. Considering online businesses first need to make their presence online to acquire customers and begin selling. So while the beginning may be rocky, it is also the best time to be an online business. Judging by how uncertain the current scenario is, it is best to get set online NOW!

Even when this unseen threat passes, your internet presence will only boost your business. Just suppose someone does not have local access to Raw Rough Diamonds, Rose Cut Diamonds, loose, diamonds, Gemstones, Gemstone connectors etc., they will search online and may find your store. This way you will come into contact with designers or traders looking to buy Raw Rough Diamonds online wholesale. You can forge these connections and grow your business.


If you are a diamond buyer, trader or a new entrant into the market, sanitation is key! You do not want to be picking up any viruses or germs from your package delivery, after painstakingly following other healthcare guidelines. So, once you get your alert notifying you of your delivery, make sure to wear your gloves, mask and ask the delivery person to leave it at a distance of 2m and then you will collect it.

Make sure to spray the exterior of your package with disinfectant, let it sit for 5 minutes and then open.

If you do not already know how to carefully sanitize the contents of the package (diamond, gemstone, precious metals etc.) it is crucial to research or contact the seller for further details.

If you have a website or any other space online, please make it clear to anyone looking to buy diamonds and gemstones online, as to how they should clean their products when it arrives, or leave your contact details for them to get in touch with you.

Distanced delivery

With the requirements of social distancing and quarantine, distanced delivery is being practiced by all companies who specialise in home delivery. All it takes is for distance to be maintained between the recipient and the delivery person.

Social Distancing

Diamond and gemstone buying during a pandemic can be a difficult task. But to remain under lockdown for a long period is a strain to the economy, causes job loss and creates financial difficulty for the common man. So necessary restrictions have to be put in place in order to work safely.

Transparent barriers will be placed between seller and customer, in case of jewellery stores selling engagement rings and other bespoke jewelry or even loose diamonds and gemstone. Gloves will be used and sanitization will take place throughout the day. Even with all this hassle, it should not be a reason where you fumble your diamond buying. Stay healthy but stay focused!

Virtual business model

While the age of the internet certainly introduced businesses to online selling, the Coronavirus pushed the majority online. This is a good time to launch your business online. People are working from home, under lockdown and the internet is on, all day. If it's one place to be right now, it's there. All you need are perfect images and fine descriptions of your products and services along with your store guidelines during the lockdown and you're good to go!

At Home conferences and exhibitions

People and businesses are banking on live feed to get customers to view their products and services. Live feeds give people the sense of realness and human connection that they long for during the quarantine.

Even if a vaccine rolls out soon, companies will continue to push for “Shop from home”.

VR headsets were first introduced through the concept of gaming but are now widely used if you want to get a closer look at what you might be spending your money on. Virtual Reality headsets help you get up close and personal and you will be able to direct yourself to actually see objects in 3 Dimensions. Flaws and all.

For example, suppose you wanted to buy raw uncut diamonds for sale, while you could read up the descriptions of the impurities, flaws, colour and sizes online, you can actually see the Rough diamond online through virtual reality, to have a better idea of what you will receive in the mail.

While gadgets like this seem like heaven to introverts, it may become the new normal in the future.

We are currently in a very confusing part of the year, and the best way to get through it is to work together and sort out any confusion. So do not hesitate to get through to us on any questions you may have concerning our products and we will get back to you ASAP! You can contact us on

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