How to work with Topaz Jewellery

The growth of Topaz

Since ancient periods, amulets, bracelets and other forms of jewellery were widely used. To identify and differentiate from onces family, or to keep oneself safe using protective charms pendants or amulets or simply to maintain a piece of item that will be passed down as an heirloom through family members. If such pieces were lost, it would be a burden to the one who lost it. So overtime these trinkets evolved into the charm bracelet etc and people were looking for less riskier stones to embed them with. And in rolled the topaz stone.

What you should know about topaz

Topaz is the more affordable version of a diamond. Anyone looking to go for a diamond like appearance but can afford or is scared of losing a diamond, will go in for topaz. However, while you can fool some people by switching a diamond with moissanite, anyone can easily tell that you have switched a diamond with topaz. How do they do this?

Visually Topaz is far less sparklier. While moissanite gives off a brilliant rainbow sparkle, topaz can hardly be said to give off sparkle, because it has quite a dull performance. Not to say it doesn't seem lively. It just needs the full support of other factors like proper lighting and maintenance.  Going by the performance itself, many can tell its topaz, so save yourself the embarrassment and tell people straight off that it is what it is. 

How to design with Topaz

Topaz diamond jewellery is a piece of cake if designed well. While it does not carry the same stresses of designing with diamonds, the effort that you put in with the same enthusiasm will yield excellent results. First off it stands at 8 on the Mohs scale, while diamond is at solid 10. So while topaz is the the toughest, it is most certainly sturdy and durable. 

Most of the precut and polished topaz is cut into brilliant cut, so the obvious setting for this is prongs. While bezel is safer, it is impossible to use with the brilliant cut unless you opt for a collet.

Topaz stones are used in whatever design diamonds are used in : Engagement rings, earrings, necklaces etc. But their prime use is with charm bracelets. Charm bracelets have many different figurines and carved gemstones dangling from the chain, with the help of loop or diamond and gemstone connectors. While they are secured with precious metal there is a risk that they may come loose under pressure. The brutal truth here is that you would rather lose topaz than diamond. But again this a rare case, and the type of stone you pick solely depends on if the owner will use it safely and maintain it. 

The benefit of topaz is that they come in many a variety of beautiful colours, with the most popular being a sky blue, however in their natural state they look brown and yellow. 

If you were to go online and search for topaz pendants online for sale, you would find many pre designed options available like pave diamond embedded in oxidised sterling silver, a common feature of charm bracelets.

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