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Abalone Beads

Buy best Abalone beads and Abalone Shell Beads at GDBS. A wide range of high-quality wholesale Abalone Shell is available for sale at a very affordable price

Buy Pearls online

Natural pearl is produced within the soft tissue of a shelled mollusk. Like the exterior of the shell, the pearl is made up of calcium carbonate. The traditional pearl is naturally round, but sometimes form into other shapes. Better quality equals more expense. Registers as 2.5 to 4.5 on the Mohs scale, is generally white.

At Shikha you will find Natural Mother of Pearl, freshwater pearl, natural cultured pearl, Abalone beads, abalone shell beads. A wide range of abalone beads, abalone shell beads,  is available for sale at a very affordable price.

Types- Abalone, biwa, fancy, hand carved, fresh water, natural mother of pearl, natural cultured pearls.

Shapes- Oval, cabochons, pear, cushion, coin, rectangular, round, hand carved, long box beads, briolette.

Colour- Ivory, grey, black mother of pearl, mother of pearl.

Settings- Can be used with bezel, frame and prongs setting, also available with connectors 925 sterling silver, Gold Vermeil Connectors, Bezel connectors, gemstone connectors. Buy abalone shell as beads and drilled.

Encase in velvet pouch or box for maintenance.

Styling and design- Can be designed as the classic pearl necklace famous world over, associated with romance and class. Or the popular single pearl drop earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, broach and bridal hair pieces, accessories or for gowns. Can also be made into a unique engagement ring.

Ranging from $9.96+ to $140+, Pearls are not mass produced products, each pearl is handpicked by our owner,Shikha, herself. We not only have small quantities to meet your test designs but also have wholesale quantities available in almost all types of Pearl. We can provide any Pearl in any cut with any shape according to your requirements.

At Shikha you can find abalone shell beads wholesale at a discount.

At Gems Diamonds By Shikha, you can select from a variety of pearl and genuine gemstone beads which will meet your design project. If not? Then drop us a mail on [email protected] and we will get back to you with the best deals.

When buying Pearl, keep in mind, always ask for a certificate to check the authenticity of the pearl incase you have your doubts.

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You can now purchase pearls from our online store at 55% OFF category-wise. Our selection and payment processes are a breeze. You can also drop us a mail with your required custom stones with the help of our contact form. We accept wholesale orders and will provide you with the best deal possible.

We also personalise diamonds on the basis of monograms and take orders for custom jewelry as well.