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Why Rose Cut Diamonds Make for an Ideal Gift for Your Loved Ones

Why Rose Cut Diamonds Make for an Ideal Gift for Your Loved Ones

A Rose Cut Diamond is..

A Diamond that has been cut to resemble a rose cud. A flat base, with a Dome like surface, it has fewer facets than the Brilliant cut diamond. Rose Cuts used to be considered antique cuts, and because they were initially cut by hand and are considered the oldest diamond cuts in history. If you go back in time you would notice most expensive antique jewellery is adorned with rose cut diamond and gemstone.

Rose cuts are Significant because..

They are representative of an era long associated with Romance and shakespearean themes, that has been used as a selling point for Rose Cut diamonds. Along with this and their inspiration behind the rose cut being the rose, also associated with romance, the diamonds come in shades like yellow, pink, and white.The non traditional rose cuts can also be found in other colours as well.

The Types of Rose Cuts…..

Can be round, oval, pear, kite, hexagon, square, and more. Like Brilliant cut diamonds they can have their own variety. Apart from the look and feel of a rose cut, they can also be categorized based on the type of stone or technique of cutting such as:

  1. Laser Cut Rose Cut Diamonds.
  2. Salt and pepper Rose cut Diamonds
  3. Antique Rose Cut diamonds
  4. Conflict free Rose Cut Diamonds
  5. Lab grown rose cut diamonds

What to look for when buying a rose cut Diamond..

Is the ratio of inclusions within the stone.If the inclusions are plenty, you will be alerted as to whether it's a salt and pepper stone. But be warned, if there is a large crack within the diamond it may split sooner or later during impact. So keep your eyes open for this.

Rose cuts do not sparkle,they glimmer and are perfect for low light conditions. Brilliant cuts are “out” there so much so that people actually notice that you are wearing a diamond. Observe one up close, if you want to get the real picture of what it actually is.

Rose Cuts are not meant for recutting, they are already small, and are cut out from small diamond or gemstone fragments, they do not require a large diamond to be cut from because their already flatish domed appearance gives the idea of a larger diamond with more carat weight. If you wish to recut, start by purchasing a larger raw rough diamond for your designs.

If you want to get your hands on antique rose cuts, just stroll into the current vintage shop or flea markets, because families will give up their family jewels for updated designs. This way you also avail of ethical recycled jewellery, and to make things better? It's vintage!

Right now, stacked rings are trending, with three or multiple rings loosely worn on each finger, or three rings coming together to create one whole design. Salt and pepper rose cut diamonds do well in this category.

You can easily buy rose cut diamonds online for sale. There will also be options to buy loose rose cut diamonds wholesale, if you are a jewelry designer and want to produce diamond jewelry on a large scale. Many diamond jewelry suppliers will also offer certificates of authenticity at a small price. ( Which is imp).

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