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A Guide To Buying Uncut Diamonds

A Guide To Buying Uncut Diamonds

Uncut Diamonds or Raw Rough Diamonds, are excavated from this earth in their natural form, and sold as they are. The buyer purchases them to be Cut, Shaped and Polished or drilled, and to be resold. Some designers prefer the rough, unsophisticated exterior and simply polish them and use them just like that in Jewellery. The Process of designing Uncut Diamond jewellery is left up to the designer and the wearer.

Here are somethings to keep in mind:-


Check for Inclusions

The first step towards diamond buying. Can you spot any brown or blackish marks inside? Those are inclusions. You probably won't be able to notice them with your naked eye so carry a magnifying glass if you're doing the buying in person. Also carat weight is important, if you hold the stone and realize its lightweight, there's a good chance it's fake. If you buy Rough Uncut Diamonds online for sale, ensure they have a returns policy just in case. If you are not doing the re-cutting of the Raw Rough Diamond yourself, then it is extremely important that you purchase good quality low inclusion stones. If the stone snaps apart when being cut, you have yourself to blame.


Research the manufacturer and distributor

This is crucial when you buy Raw Rough Diamonds online for sale. Do not get sucked into the fake gemstone business. Make sure you are purchasing from a legitimate online site, that is certified and offers certificates of authenticity with the purchase. This would tell you if it's conflict free, lab grown or natural. Also this would be a good time to read their fine print and disclaimers.

Look out for shape, clarity and colour and size

First things first, it has to be big enough. No point in acquiring a Raw Rough Diamond, only to realise it's too small to be recut. Besides, if it is big, but included, and it breaks because of the heavy inclusions, you could still have enough left to work with.If you want to use the uncut diamond as it is, shape is a crucial point, while it doesn't make sense to include this aspect in the buying, eventually you will realize that the Uncut Raw Rough Diamond Jewellery making still needs an artistic flair, which solely depends on the unusual shapes.Colour because it's the first thing to grab a customer's attention and clarity because upon recutting you should be able to attain the level of light distribution that's not blocked by inclusions.

Are they conflict free

In this day and age, we cannot stress upon the need for Conflict free stones. In the case of resale, there's a good chance buyers won't be interested in your work, if they find out it's not conflict free. Again, acquire certification that says so. 

Are they Attractive in their rough state

Every designer or artist in the world knows that even through chaos, design is needed to actually get attention to the art piece in the first place. So while sourcing Raw Rough Uncut Diamonds is easy if you are going to set them as they are, their Raw Rough state needs to be attractive as well.

Are you being sold leftovers?

Understand that in the industry, the best Uncut diamonds, without inclusions, cracks or bubbles are sent or sold to large diamond jewellery co-operations, and the leftovers are sold for way less. Do not be tempted to purchase said stones, because you may unnecessarily end up losing a lot of money, when you discover that they are practically useless. But vendors do have plenty of high quality diamonds and other gemstones available, so be smart and invest in good quality.

Ask for the certificate of Authenticity

This process is the same as looking at The FDA approval on a drug at a pharmacist. If it's not FDA approved you wouldn't buy it. Right? It's the same situation in the case of diamond buying. Regardless of if you purchase a diamond, gemstone or any other naturally obtained material, there should be a document verifying the origin, place, material, chemical composition and dimensions.

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