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Benefits of Black Onyx to the Human Body

Benefits of Black Onyx to the Human Body

What is Black Onyx?

Onyx is a stone of the variety of silicate mineral chalcedony. It comes in shades of black to red and green but is primarily found to be black. It is said to have spiritual qualities, of healing the human mind and body.

Black Onyx sometimes has white bands encircling the deep stone. Its chemical composition is SiO2, Silicon Dioxide with Carbon and Iron.

What are the properties of Black Onyx?

Black Onyx is a popular gemstone substituted for more expensive stones like black diamonds and salt and pepper diamonds. They are used a lot in signet rings, because of its deep dark tone, and when carved, the design or seal is more evident to the wearer. They pair well with silver and gold, and along with being fashioned into daily wear or luxury jewellery, they are also deemed important in the mental and spiritual development of a person.

  • It Ranks at around 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale.
  • Can be used with prong setting, bezel, collet and wire wrapping. Can be carved easily and into figures and drilled for beads.
  • Because of the soft nature of the gem, it would need to be looked after and handled with care.
  • You can buy Black Onyx wholesale online or as individual orders.
  • Found in Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Russia, South Africa.

How does black onyx help the human body and mind?

Physical Health

Bodily functions depend on a human being's food intake, regular exercise and most importantly a sound mind and good mental health. Often life deals us cards that may be difficult, this may lead to a few individuals taking unhealthy turns towards addictions like alcoholism, drug abuse, and over consumption of certain goods, along with other health problems that people may be experiencing in life. Meditation and spiritual healing with healing crystals and powerful stones like onyx can help you slowly heal yourself in this way.

Mental and Spiritual Health

Many don’t realize that many physical health problems also take place because of lack of mental health care. Anxiety, depression and importantly stress will amplify a person's physical health problems and other work and family issues.Through the power and routine of spiritual healing, it helps empty the mind of negative thoughts and emotion. A healing gemstone like Black Onyx can…

  • Grant you strength.
  • Encourage happiness and good fortune.
  • Heals old wounds or past life issues.
  • Grant you control over your own happiness.
  • Implements smooth decision making.

Where can I buy Black Onyx from Shikha?

Black Onyx can be found through many legitimate Diamond and Gemstone websites. If you are a designer, make sure to search for loose Black Onyx online for sale, you may even stumble across black onyx online wholesale or custom orders. If you want to buy Black Onyx online make sure you ask for authenticity certificates along with your purchase.

You can go to our website or our Etsy Store and type “Black Onyx” into our search bar. The site will spill out an array of high quality Black onyx gemstones , loose Black onyx gemstones and Black onyx gemstone connectors!

Log onto our site to discover a vast range of fine quality diamonds and gemstones. We offer wholesale as well as custom orders, so feel free to contact us anytime!


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