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Why is Moissanite preferred more over diamond?


Although Moissanite is relatively unknown, when some people are offered this alternative to diamond, they head for it. The ones that refuse this option are simply suspicious of it, they think it's a fake gemstone, and think they are asked to shell out money for a cheap replicate without actually knowing what Moissanite is.

Anyone with a little research will tell you that, Moissanite is in fact a very real gemstone, with properties similar to that of Diamond. Looks like diamond, but is not diamond. It is believed to have been excavated from parts of a meteorite that crashed into the Earth years ago. And is composed of silicon carbide, it is found naturally in few places in the world. Here are some pointers as to why some people lean towards Moissanite rather than diamond .

Careful Investment

With the shaky economy, flashbacks of the economic crisis, people, especially millennials are very careful about where their money goes. Most of them are probably still paying off their student loans, have invested into housing, their own wedding, or the possible future that involves children. For them, every penny counts. So it's not surprising when they are given a more affordable stone, like Moissanite, they look to purchase that.

Independent design

Thanks to the internet, anybody with a bank account can buy Moissanite diamonds online with the click of a button. You can either get hold of a single stone, or get loose Moissanite diamonds for sale at a lower price. You can then get the stone set, or custom designed from a Craftsmen of your choice,adding your own personal touch to it.

"I can't believe it's not Diamond"

One of the first thing someone does when they get a proposal, is show it off online or to the local public. Considering that most people don't really know what Moissanite is or can't really tell the difference, they won't know that it's not a diamond. But why lie, you ask?

It's been somewhat of a controversy, that a cheaper engagement ring symbolizes an absence of real love. While this may seem like an absurd assumption, many individuals still debate this. So to avoid speculation and to not drain your finance, they go in for Moissanite stone.

Lasting power

Diamond is widely known as one of the toughest substances on Earth. Registering at a full 10 on the Mohs Scale. While Moissanite is a little lower at 9.25. In Moissanite jewellery making, it is just as durable as diamonds. Not prone to scratches or fogging. For usage in a long term piece like an engagement ring it is acceptable. And can be set using fitted settings like bezel or prongs, with bezel being the safer option.

Conflict free

Moissanite is formed naturally, but most of the Moissanite supply in the market is lab grown. This cuts down costs and is also conflict free. In an era where the vast majority is concentrating on food or makeup that is vegan, cruelty free,biodegradable and eco friendly, they also seek jewelry that is conflict free. It is much safer to invest in conflict free gemstones as no problem will arise in connection to this topic if an opportunity arises to resell.


Instagram couples or vloggers take the opportunity of their local fame to set new trends or follow them to stay relevant. Since diamonds have been used since millenia, the crowd is always looking for something new. This is where Moissanite comes in. Any jewelry company looking to cash in on the influencer marketing will probably promote their designs this way to create sales.

Unique Origin

Diamonds maybe the old favorite, but that's just what they are-old. Couples usually switch up the traditional Diamond engagement ring for topaz, emerald, Ruby etc. But what if the stone had a unique origin, eg meteorite. It would be like you are sporting a piece of the Galaxy on your finger. Henri Moissan was the one who stumbled upon the rock, in a crater formed by a meteorite in 1893. He later won the Nobel prize in chemistry, and in his honour they named the stone, after him.

If you are looking for a reliable and safe access to online buying of precious stones, then you have come to the right place. Head to our website and we will guide with your purchase.

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