What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Salt and Pepper diamonds usually fall into the classification of Black Diamonds. But they do not necessarily 100% belong in that group, as black diamonds have been said to be excavated from the meteorite rock found on earth. They are categorized this way because to the naked eye salt and pepper diamond appear black. But in truth they are just heavily included natural diamonds that appear grey, dark, brown or black. However they do fall under Raw Rough Diamond. Inclusions occur in plenty of diamonds on the market, even sparkly white diamonds, it's just that they are only visible under a microscope. The ones that don't have any or many inclusions, are rare and cost a lot more than Salt and Pepper diamonds. Best to say that the less included equal more money.

Why do these inclusions occur?

When the diamond was originally formed in the earth it was formed due to the intense heat and pressure. While the crystal formed it accidently trapped air, dirt and in some cases other tiny forming diamonds. Sometimes cracks developed because of this. The air trapped within the crystals would form bubbles, which are visible within the stone. These inclusions are not to be confused with blemishes, which is damage to the outside of the stone, and which only occurs due to the intense rough handling of the diamond.

Are these inclusions bad for the diamond?

Not at all, it is a common misconception that the impurities will grow overtime but the already formed impurities will remain as they are. However if the diamond has a large crack within it that has not been known to you beforehand, there is a slight chance it may come apart due to intense pressure from an external source. But these cases are uncommon. If you do notice overtime that the diamond looks more dull than usual, it may just be the exterior surface has collected dust and dirt and is in need of a cleaning.

The 4 c’s

The diamond colour grading guide does not necessarily apply to salt and pepper diamonds. So they are considered the edgy outcasts of the diamond industry. It makes no sense for them to be in a brilliant cut form. Because of the heavy inclusions, light will not refract as much, so best to stick to rose cuts that have a large surface area. Plus 'Rose Cuts', also known as 'Antique cuts' have a long romantic history and paired with Salt and Pepper stones  make for a unique timeless piece. This swing between expensive and affordable, and this classy yet casual appearance, makes it an accessory that can be worn anytime, anywhere. Colour can range from pink to yellow, but many natural S&P diamonds are greyish. They are left in their rough uncut, state, because the clear unincluded sets are sent to be cut. The rest are left as they are to be freely cut, by potential customers, or simply drilled and threadelled into strands.

Why are they gaining popularity?

 As much as people love the good old white diamond in the round brilliant cut, they always long for something unique. People get bored, they want to change. For that couple that longs for something different yet inexpensive, there are S&P diamonds. Plus their edginess and the fact that they preach imperfection, is a selling point.

How to Select a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

How you select any other diamond. Go to the store or go online and see for yourself. The unique factor about included diamonds is that they have their own little design within them. So if you ever misplace the stone, you can always pick it out from the others with the help of the inclusions. Plus the seller will provide you a diagram or a pattern of the inclusions in the stone just in case. If you are a designer you can easily buy Salt and Pepper diamonds wholesale online. Be sure to buy Salt and Pepper diamonds online from a reputable website that provides authentication and that won't end up selling you diamonds with a large crack in them.

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