How to pick your perfect Rose Cut Diamond?

As the year end fast approaches, so is wedding season. There is always expected to be an onslaught of proposals flooding in, and prior to that, the hunt for the perfect engagement ring. With the most popular choice of stone being the diamond. And picking one isn't easy. You have to pick from different choices with carat, cut, clarity and colour. This makes it a testy period as well for the couple, with one partner anticipating the reaction of the receiver. Price is a major player in this purchase, as it's one of the first things mentioned about said ring. But it should be noted that the most suitable stone for you should not necessarily weigh down your pocket.

But that's just the wedding season talking.

Selecting any stone for jewelry pieces like earrings, pendants or rings should be researched, in type and price wise, and weigh out your options respectively. One such option, making its grand, yet long overdue entrance back to the modern jewelry scene is Rose Cut Diamond jewelry.

What is a Rose Cut Diamond?

In short a rose cut diamond basically possesses a flat base with a faceted top. The top tapers upward in a dome shape, and with all it's carat weight on the top, it appears larger and is perfect for low light conditions.

Why the fuss?

Rose cut diamonds were famously used in jewelry sets in the Victorian era. It gives out a glimmer that's just right for a subtlety illuminated area and because of its flat base, used with a bezel setting and was easy to fix onto jewelry and clothing. Because of the time period and it's antique association, it has been seen as a romantic piece. It is currently being cut and fitted into engagement rings, pendants and earrings. It is even being sold in Fashion outlets, as a cheaper version of the real deal, priced at little more than $14.

What kind of Rose Cut?

Single cut

Rose cut diamonds comprising of a single layer, used in many engagement rings. The simplicity is complemented with the addition of smaller, brilliant cut stones surrounding it.

Double cut

The double layer in the diamond is centered. The ones that are at a high or low level are known as double cut or Dutch rose cut.

Antique Rose Cut

Dating back to the Victorian era it was hand cut. If you're looking for hand cut diamonds today, you won't find it easily. But if you truly want one, you can hop across to the closest vintage store and try your luck.

Rose Cut Briolette

Rose cut diamonds are also available as Briolette. Briolette is when the diamond is given a pear shape, and drilled to hang like a bead. The requirements of setting in this case, is absent. Rose Cut Diamond Briolette beads are used in necklaces and pendants.

I'm new to this, what should I do?

When it comes to spending your hard earned money, expert advice is always necessary, but it's always better to walk in first having researched to avoid getting bamboozled. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Maintain a budget

Keep a clear limit in your mind, and stick with that. Sellers will always advise to go for something more expensive. Do not be intimidated, it's simply their job. If you truly like a stone who's price just tips slightly over your budget, fine. Otherwise forcing yourself to buy something that your not happy with and that swallows your money will leave you with a bitter aftertaste. There are Rose Cut Diamond for sale online, if you wish to broaden your search. Plenty of options out there, so go with what's best for you.

Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colour

Nobody likes someone with a diamond who is clueless about it's 4C's, so research is important. First thing you need to know that it falls under the category of antique cuts. Flat bottom, faceted top, carrying all it's carat weight on the top. Cut into different shapes and sizes with the most popular being the heart shaped and oval. More carat equals more expense. Which brings us to price.


Antique or rose cuts are considerably more affordable than round brilliant cuts, very simply because they are easy to produce, have a glimmer or sheen rather than a sparkle, and not really trending at the moment. So while they are unique they are also easy on the pocket.


This applies to any category of diamond and gemstone. Observe the stone for scratches and cracks. If it has a small crack, we advise you do not take it for granted, as it can come apart either white it is being set, or simply sometime in the future. You can buy rose cut diamonds online from reputable sites and certified gemologists, who offer certificates of authentication along with the stone. This way you know if it's conflict free and is safe incase you want to resell. Many of said sites offer loose rose cut diamonds wholesale along with other precious stones.

Rosecuts come as various stones and also as rough and raw diamonds-which are stones that contain certain impurities. If they fall under the raw and rough category, do not discard them from your choices. The impurities in them give out an antique-y look that will suit a vintage and romantic theme, if that's what your going for.

Colour of the stone is an entirely personal choice. Is it your preferred colour, does it match your birthstone? Is it your partners preferred colour? Does it associate with anything your particular about? Reds and pinks are very likely to be sold the most, but they are available in different colors.


Because of the flat base, rose cuts are usually set with bezel. This setting manipulates the metal to encircle the base of the stones, keeping it snug and prevent it from shifting. The alternative is the prongs, although it is less popularly used for rose cuts, like the bezel. This is because with this setting, the stone is susceptible to movement. So a little pressure is not good.

What kind of Diamond is it?

Is it natural or lab grown? Natural diamonds are more expensive, since they are retrieved from the Earth, cut and polished. Lab grown diamonds are as the name suggests, grown in a lab. Because it eliminates the difficulty of excavating diamonds from their natural state, they are more affordable. Plus the demand for lab grown diamonds, isn't as much considering that people still go in for natural diamonds.

Think we got you started? Because the main decision lies with you. But don't fret, because we made the process simpler and free flowing. Head on to our Website and select the perfect Rose Cut Diamond for yourself. They are all conflict free, you can buy them wholesale if you like, and we even take custom orders. So what are you waiting for?

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