Why Herkimer Diamonds are considered as strong energy givers

Where do Herkimer Diamonds come from?

Double point quartz crystals found in Herkimer County are called Herkimer Diamonds. They are called this because of their origins and the intense clarity and perfect natural faceting. Naturally they have double termination points and 18 facets. They are generally used the way they are, but are sometimes cut down to size. They are usually referenced in popular culture for their unique geometrical shape but their name is never released because they are paraded as another material. They are also 500 million years old.

They rank at 7.5 on the Mohs scale, so they are quite durable. They are known for their unique shape and perfect clarity. But of course because they are formed naturally, some may possess their own set of inclusions and are classified as Raw Rough Herkimer Diamonds. You can opt to buy Raw Rough Herkimer Diamonds for sale online if you know where to look, or you can take a shortcut with this link


How are they used spiritually?

  1. If you practice spirituality you may already be in possession of a few healing gemstones, which have a range of properties themselves, whether it is to repel negative energy, instill courage or bring luck and goodwill. If you pair any one of these small stones with a Herkimer Diamond, their energies would increase greatly and further aid you in your meditation.
  2. They would aid you through the highest point of spiritual vibration and uplift your astral level.
  3. They are split into two, Included Herkimer Diamonds, Clear Herkimer Diamonds. The inclusions as well are split into two parts, with dark solidified inclusions, and water based inclusions.
  4. The water based inclusions are said to possess their own healing properties.
  5. The double edged crystal has the ability to take in and expel energy and to recharge other crystals.

Why are Herkimer Diamonds considered powerful Energy Givers?

In spirituality that involves the inclusion of several properties that are said to work towards the betterment of the soul, such as Amethyst, Jade, Quartz, Amber and other healing crystals. While Herkimer Diamonds are also categorized as healing crystals, they are found by many to be far more powerful and useful in this field. How are they powerful?

  1. They are Powerful High Vibration Crystals
  2. Said to enhance Psychic abilities
  3. Has strong frequency.
  4. May be used a pain relieving tool, placed on the area that is causing pain and discomfort.
  5. Releases any kind of pressure.
  6. Used for emotional healing and wellbeing.
  7. Pairs well with other stones and boosts their properties
  8. Note-Clearer crystals equal better vibrations, darkened inclusions hamper them.

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