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Raw Diamond Slice: Unique Kind of Diamond for Jewelry Making

What are Diamond Slices?

Diamond slices are cut from remnants of Raw Rough Diamonds already cut into typical brilliant cut diamonds, rose cut diamonds and so on. That means they can either originate from clear diamonds or included diamonds. Read more on how Raw Diamond Slices are Unique Kind of Diamond for Jewelry Making.

The ones that don't churn out slices get broken down and turned into Diamond dust.

They perform better when they are cut from larger, raw rough included diamonds, like salt and pepper diamonds. The thin ones bring out the beauty of the diamond coupled with the marble like design of the inclusions.

What type of Diamond Slices are available for Diamond jewellery making?

They can be in different shapes, sizes, colours and are mostly laser cut.

Laser cut diamonds, faceted or slices are picking up in sales, because this is a safe foolproof way to ensure symmetrical cuts.

There has been an uptick in buying Diamond Slices online.

They look best as -

Stacked rings

Salt and pepper diamonds rule this category. With instagram this bohemian inspired jewellery trend is sure to be seen on influencer accounts. They consist of petite stones on rose gold, gold or silver rings, stacked one above the other on each finger. Salt and pepper Diamond slices perform well here.

Affordable Jewellery

While any kind of diamond does not necessarily fall into the affordable Jewellery category, diamond slices are affordable, because they are not faceted (which takes time and effort) and they are in less demand.

Waist length connector chains

While petite rough diamond slice connector chains for sale online are usually worn for casual evening wear, they can be worn to also complete a cocktail look. They are sleek and sophisticated and work well in low light.

Charm bracelets

Charm bracelets are a favourite for carved gemstone pendants. But now with diamond slices trending, they are a new addition to the popular jewelry collection.

Halo Jewellery

A unique design, it involves surrounding the diamond slice with tiny white or coloured Diamonds, like a halo.

What are the settings for Diamond Slices?


Bezel setting is a metal strip meant to be moulded around typically a rose cut diamond or a flat Diamond Slice. This is the safest setting and holds the diamond or gemstone snuggly in place. The stone does not loosen in time or come out under a little pressure like the prongs setting.

Connector chains

Connector chains are the best for flat Diamonds slices. Along with the bezel setting, they display the beauty of the diamond slice from both sides. Each bezel setting is connected through a series of chain links.


Collet settings are cousins to the bezel setting and are usually meant for raised rose cuts, because they create a gap between the metal band and the stone. It allows for more passage of light.

Wire wrapping

Wire wrappings are thin precious metal strands meant to create intricate metallic designs while securing the diamond slice or gemstone in place. This requires pure skill and imagination, but it is more suitable to wire wrapping thick pieces of gemstone and diamond slices.

Looking to buy Raw Rough diamond slices for sale online? We also offer Diamond slices wholesale, with custom orders as well! If you want to have a good look at more jewellery material, Diamonds, and gemstones you can catch up with us at gemsdiamondsbyshikha.com. Happy shopping!

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