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The best place to look for loose diamonds

What are loose diamonds?

Loose Diamonds are Diamonds that are cut and divided into specific quantities to be sold on the market, sometimes at a wholesale rate. They are purchased by other diamond and gemstone traders or designers and craftsmen. Some are cleaned and polished, some sold as they are found, some drilled, or some sold along with the setting.

Loose Diamonds can either be -

Loose Raw Rough Diamonds

Loose raw Rough Diamonds, are cut down to larger or smaller sizes and sold, without polishing or faceting. They are bought in their rough state by craftsmen who will cut them into their own custom shape and cut.

Loose Faceted Cut Diamonds

Loose faceted Cut Diamonds are diamonds that are already cleaned, cut, faceted, and polished or drilled and sold that way. These diamonds will be sold at a higher rate because of their extra labor required to cut and shape the diamonds. Plus loss of carat weight.

What to look for in loose diamonds?

  • In Raw Rough Uncut Loose Diamonds, you need to check for cracks, air bubbles and other inclusions.
  • While inclusions are normal in all diamonds, if they are large and spread across the diamond, they might lead to the diamond splitting in half during the cutting or polishing process, or may even come apart down the line.
  • This is especially important in the case of loose salt and pepper diamonds, where the inclusions tend to be excessive.
  • Are the diamonds big enough for your project? Buying raw rough diamonds that are too small, by the time they are cut, it is barely any carat weight and your investment could go for a toss.
  • Bigger loose diamonds are a better investment because then you could easily cut them down to size, and keep the leftovers and convert it into slices or diamond dust.
  • Only invest in mini diamonds, if you are using them for their tiny size and raw rough look.

How do you buy loose diamonds?

  • The best thing would be for you to scan the diamonds up close to ascertain if they are legitimate, especially when they are in their raw rough stage.
  • If scanning up close is not possible, then the only thing you can do is to order your package from a reputable website, that offers returns and refunds, gives out sample pieces, and is not expected to send you fake diamonds.
  • Make sure they are sending you the right quantity. In pieces and in weight.
  • Weigh out your options, can you afford a gem cutter to order raw Rough Diamonds, or are you better off buying faceted diamonds.

Where is the best place to buy loose diamonds online?

There are many reputable websites that sell high quality gemstones and diamonds that are attached to connectors, settings or plain loose. Some are drilled and come in strands. So do your research and list out a few places you should check out. A good site to check out would be GemsDiamondsByShikha.

Reasons that people buy loose diamonds

  1. Budding jewellery designers like to acquire conflict free diamonds to create more modern unique jewellery designs that will define this current era. So if they head for wholesale loose diamonds, they not only have a lot to work with, but they also save money.
  2. Not all craftsmen can cut diamonds, some are only expertly skilled at creating the metal bands and other intricate designs that do not involve diamond cutting. But with the help of the internet, they can easily buy loose diamonds for sale online.
  3. Resale- That's all there is, traders buying these diamonds wholesale, possibly from across the globe and resell each diamond to jewelry designers, or anyone looking to make a custom wedding or engagement ring.
  4. It is cheaper to buy wholesale raw rough diamonds, IF you yourself can cut them down to size, otherwise it is an expensive task to hire an expert to cut the diamond for you.

If you are looking for a great place to buy diamonds online for sale, you can head to our website and take a look. We offer wholesale and custom orders; our diamonds are conflict free and we hand out certificates of authenticity along with your purchase!

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