Conflict Free Diamonds

Why Conflict Free Diamonds are the better investment

Scouting for the perfect Diamond can sometimes be daunting. The pressure of a limited budget, type, size and color of Diamond along with the doubt of whether the receiver would appreciate the gift looms in the air. But not to worry. We have listed out the steps you need to take, going forward with your diamond buying!

-Ask yourself these questions first-

What Diamond size am I looking for?

What Diamond Type?

Diamond Color?

What are the four C’s?

My budget?

Kind of Metal band?

And most importantly! - Is it Conflict Free?

Are Conflict Free Diamonds real?

Why is it important that I invest in Conflict Free Diamonds?

Conflict free Diamonds are Diamonds that do not have any attachments to human suffering, or are mined illegally. Furthermore, they also should be unearthed from legal Diamond mining areas, and not disrupt important forest areas or wildlife. In this case, where the Diamonds are do not harm human or animal lives, or cause no environmental damage, they are known as Ethical Diamonds.

The Diamonds should be of two types-

Earth Mined,


Lab Grown

Earth mined is unearthed in their natural form, in the raw rough state. They are then sent to be cleaned, polished and sold to independent buyers or jewelry artists.

Lab Grown Diamonds involves a modern technique where Diamonds are grown in the lab and then cut and polished accordingly. These Diamonds are considered to be ethical / Conflict free Diamonds, because they do not disrupt the environment, and are overseen by large companies to ensure a smooth B2B or B2C process.

As of 2021, there are already large jewelry brands that have switched to lab grown diamonds in an aim for a sustainable future. For example, Pandora, the world‘s biggest jeweler, has said they have already made the shift in order to cater to environmentally conscious millennials.  Soon more shall follow, which will ultimately lead to Lab grown Diamonds paving the way to the future of the Diamond jewelry business. 

Conflict Free Diamond Buying Guide

Ask for conflict-free diamond certification-The Kimberley process

The Kimberley process was implemented to ensure a legal and safe framework for diamond mining and sale. But it has been alleged that people still manage to get around this system, and conflict diamonds may still be circulated within the industry. The safest option is to go through companies that strictly follow the Kimberley process.

Research the Diamond seller or the Brand

Apart from buying conflict diamonds, you may also be fooled into buying fake stones. Once you fall into this trap, you will end up losing your money, and also the fraudster has your payment details. So thoroughly research your seller and look for other customers that may have purchased from them just to be safe.

Recycled Diamonds

What better way to be sustainable than to go after recycled diamonds? Recycled diamonds can be picked up from antique jewelry stores or any jewelry store where people have surrendered their heirlooms. Recycled diamonds are the top of the conflict free jewelry business.

Charitable Causes

If in case you buy a diamond, and are still unsure of its lineage, you can think about donating to a charity or organization that works towards the wellbeing of any victims of the unfair Diamond trade practice.

Lab Created Diamond Purchase

Lab grown Diamonds are the future. Large jewelry businesses have already made the switch to lab grown diamonds or synthetic diamonds. When you make the decision to buy synthetic diamonds, you avoid the stress of it being conflict free, and also you know that it has a positive impact on the environment. There's a good chance that in the future, in case you wish to resell, people may not opt to buy from you, because they prefer lab grown. There are tons of conflict free Diamond engagement rings alternatives you could use like these.

We hope this helped you as much as possible. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know if you need any help with your purchases or if you plan to invest in the future. Visit GemsDiamondsByShikha for more!

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