How to pick the perfect Diamond Band

Wedding bands is another term for wedding rings to be exchanged on the wedding day between the couple.

Engagement rings are given mainly to the woman, from the man, in the event of a proposal, if the engagement had not been pre planned.

However, this tradition although still widely practiced, now involves some couples where both the man and woman exchange engagement rings.

Diamond rings have been the center and forefront of every wedding accessories starter kit right from the 1800's. They are a minute symbol of everlasting love. The Diamond being one of the most durable substances on Earth mirrors this concept perfectly.

Keep in mind these Steps taken to select your perfect wedding band or engagement ring.


Selecting a ring design based on your budget swings two ways. Expensive in the diamond industry always equals more clarity, options with color, size and cut. However, it is best to know what you want before you set out, rather than fumbling, and attempting to redesign later, which is risky and costs more. If your budget is limited to a small amount, you will still certainly have plenty of options. There are more affordable durable versions like Moissanite, silver, or rose cut salt and pepper with a rose gold band.

Some brands or businesses offer 'bridal sets'


Trio sets

Trio sets are the engagement ring, and both wedding bands, sold at an offer price.

Some sell two engagement rings, and the wedding bands in one pack.

You can search these options to buy diamond wedding bands and diamond engagement rings online for sale.

If searching for loose diamonds, (to make custom diamond jewellery) you can buy loose diamonds wholesale online, and craft the other diamonds into more family jewellery heirlooms.

But please note, paying for the metal, and a craftsman will incur extra costs.


While durability mainly means investing in long lasting jewellery material, it also is investing in something that you won't mind looking at every day for the rest of your life. Will your preferences and tastes change? Will you want to redesign?


Themes vary from person to person. You may like black diamonds with oxidized silver, or pink Rose cut diamonds with a rose gold twisted band. Don't let anyone else influence your choice of theme, because you are the one who has to wear it every day.


There are multiple metals to choose from for both engagement and diamond rings. Here are some pointers to keep in mind-


  • Pros

Popular choice for wedding bands, hypo allergenic.

  • Cons

Not scratch resistant.


  • Pros

Inexpensive compared to other precious metals.

  • Cons

Not scratch resistant, needs rhodium plating.


  • Pros

Strongest metal, rare choice for wedding bands.

  • Cons

Not completely scratch resistant but can be restored to its previous shine.

White Gold

  • Pros

Popular for diamond rings, combination of palladium, silver, and gold.

  • Cons

Rhodium plating needed. (Process is inexpensive)

Yellow Gold

  • Pros

Combination ofpure gold, copper, and silver.

Rose Gold

  • Pros

Romantic, hardness depends on carat, made up of gold, copper and a little silver.

  • Cons

Not scratch resistant, becomes dull with time, can be repolished. Keep away from chemicals and skincare substances.


  • Pros

Affordable, strong, durable, scratch resistant, hypo allergenic.


  • Pros

Rare metal looks wise similar to Platinum, light weight, corrosion resistant, low maintenance.

  • Cons

Not scratch resistant, displaced metal can be restored, keep away from rigorous activities and chemicals.


  • Pros

Strong, durable, dark hue, lightweight, hypo allergenic.


  • Pros

Affordable, scratch resistant, crack resistance, Available in black and white, combined qualities of Tungsten and Titanium Carbide, light weight.

  • Cons

Not Resizable.


If you are fine with spending, you have unlimited options, yet you need research. Don't want to be spilling on some fake stone. Seek out a jeweller's advice and ask for certificates to ensure you are getting your money's worth. If picking a diamond, the carat and size will be less, more like a salt and pepper diamond. With a simple round shape, brilliant or rose cut. Salt and pepper diamonds are durable also, but make sure you buy a rough Diamond ring from a reputable jewellery brand.

If you are comfortable with gemstones, you can go for Moissanite which is an affordable alternative for a Diamond, but with rainbow fire.

Other Gemstones like Topaz, Emeralds and more are also suitable for engagement rings.

Remember the cheaper Gemstones are also less durable. So, unless you want to upgrade each time it chips or else, it's better to spend once and spend wisely. But the sole decision is up to you.


Stand out from the crowd with these options-

Lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are diamonds that are grown in a lab. They have the same chemical structure and properties of a regular, mined, natural diamond. These are one of the main sources of conflict free diamonds.

Recycled diamonds

Recycled diamonds are diamonds that have been used in jewellery and have been surrendered by their previous owners. The jeweller removes this diamond from its original setting. He polishes and cleans it, and either sets in a new diamond band or sells it loose. If you wish to get hold of one of these, there are sites that let's people buy recycled loose diamonds or recycled diamond jewellery for sale online, or you could stroll into a vintage jewelry store looking for one.

KPCS Diamond Rings

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was founded in 2003 to stop conflict diamonds or blood diamonds from infiltrating the mainstream diamond trade by United Nations General Assembly Resolution. It was suspected and confirmed that such illegal trades were used to finance rebel groups. While such conflicts still exist, many countries have adopted the KPCS system. India is one country where you can buy KPCS diamonds online for sale.

Wooden bands

Apart from being crazy affordable, they are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and if you misplace it, you can easily get another one.

All of these options involve conflict free options and you can find out more about them here.

If you want to have a good look at more jewellery material, Diamonds and gemstones you can catch up with us at gemsdiamondsbyshikha.com ! Happy shopping!

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