Salt And Pepper Rose Cut Diamond

What are Salt & Pepper Diamonds – Buying Guide.

What Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds? And where do they come from?

Salt and pepper diamonds are real diamonds, unearthed from the ground and that have more than the average amount of inclusions for a diamond. They do not classify as regular diamonds that sell like hotcakes on the market, because they have a speckled marble effect beneath the surface.

Sometimes the inclusions are so dense that the color of the Diamond is classified as a Black Diamond.

What makes up the inclusions within the stone?

The inclusions within the stone comprise Air Bubbles, cracks, dirt and other materials that have grouped together during the stones formation in the Earth's surface. Going further, we will discuss the safe steps you need to take, to ensure you buy a good quality Salt and Pepper Diamond.

Boxes to check when buying salt and pepper Diamonds

Salt and Pepper Diamond Durability

The most important thing you should know before you buy salt and pepper diamonds or salt and pepper diamond jewelry is that the inclusions within the stone can jeopardize the durability of it. That means that if there are too many air bubbles or a rather large crack in one place, the stone may split sooner or later from pressure, sending your investment down the drain.

Be sure to carry a magnifying glass, or buy from a reputable reseller, who guarantees, returns and refunds, should anything seem amiss. Make sure to also ask for a certificate along with your purchase.

Apart from this, you should know that Salt and Pepper Diamonds are not graded. So the document you receive may only just verify that it is in fact a diamond. Some sellers plot out the markings of the inclusions so that you may easily identify your chosen stone from the rest.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Price

Although these stones are not graded, they are still sold based on their carat weight. In some cases, if the inclusions are too dense, they may get categorized as black diamonds which holds a separate price.

Where to Buy Salt and Pepper Diamonds and Salt and Pepper Diamonds online

While the online jewelry market was booming pre-pandemic, now it has only gotten more intense. That means that everything under the sun that is involved in jewelry making will be available online. Just be sure to order from good websites, check reviews and read up on their sales policy. Store bought Salt and pepper diamonds would require less hassle, but you would still need to do as much research before you actually spend.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Jewelry

Salt and pepper Diamond jewelry can be found in multiple places, from the local antique store, thrift stores, and flea markets and online. Among the most popular are Salt and Pepper Diamonds on Etsy. You can find them in a range of prices; some might even date back years and years. In the past, there were limited tools to search out clear diamonds. So a lot of the stones had multiple inclusions, and had a foggy surface. That's why antique jewelry stores are the best places to look.

If you don't have access to one, it's not an issue. Since the boom in sales, a lot of jewelry brands have them on sale, and you can easily find one within your budget.

Salt and pepper Diamond jewelry are all the rage now because they are-

  • Affordable

Cheaper than their clear counterparts.

Prices based on their carat weight. Usually cut in the rose cut, that illuminates the diamond’s beauty with its large domes faceted surface.

  • Trending

Famous among the younger generation who are looking to buy more affordable minimal jewelry rather than clear diamonds and expensive gemstones.

  • Are sustainable

Believe it or not salt and pepper Diamonds can be found in antique stores as Rose cuts. They are embedded in some of the oldest jewelry pieces out there. This in a way is sustainable because not only are you saving money, but you also are using recycled jewelry. Not to mention, salt and Pepper Diamonds are cut from the leftover stones, after they carve out clear diamonds.

  • Go with any attire from casual to formal

White sparkling diamonds can sometimes be too much for an evening out or for a semi-formal occasion. Throw in some salt and pepper stones, and they are the perfect jewelry for the event. They don't attract trouble because people are unfamiliar with them, yet they have a classy appearance and are a perfect fashion accessory.

There are even options like salt and pepper raw diamond slices that are visually appealing to the eye. It's a disc that is encircled with a bezel setting and you are able to see through the stone as well as the inclusions that create the alluring design.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds Spiritual meaning

Salt and Pepper Diamonds, like other stones, have spiritual meanings and symbolism. They stand for accepting people's flaws or accepting people as they are. This resonates more closely with the younger demographics’ motto of individuality.

Hope this gives you a head start in your quest to buy your first piece of Salt and Pepper Diamond. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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