Why Brilliant Cut Diamonds Are the Perfect Choice for All Your Occasions

Why Brilliant Cut Diamonds Are the Perfect Choice for All Your Occasions

What are Brilliant Cut Diamonds?

Brilliant Cut Diamonds are Diamonds that have a faceted top culminating in a pointed bottom. In the jewellery industry these are known as the Table, crown, girdle, pavilion and cutlet. Brilliant Diamonds are multi-faceted, in total 58 facets. The more facets or cuts a Diamond has lends it the ability to absorb and dispel light or refract light in all directions. 

Why Brilliant Cuts are considered the Most Important or popular Diamond Cut?

In short, thank De Beers and also Marilyn Monroe. In the 1800’s De Beers started an extensive campaign to market Diamond engagement rings as a staple for engagements. Soon it turned into a strict tradition of mainly the man offering up a diamond in exchange for potential matrimonial commitment. Apart from engagement rings, Diamonds, mainly brilliant cuts are sold as jewellery sets of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other sorts during festive occasions that dominate gift giving like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. 

For nearly anyone that looks to buy Diamonds they would straight away head for the Brilliant cut, because its multi-faceted power lends it the shiniest diamond award, and draw’s people in. Anything associated with festivities are glam, and bright and brilliant cut diamonds fall under that category.

Why do people buy Brilliant Cut Diamonds?

Brilliant Cut Diamonds are not the oldest Diamond cuts available, but they are popular. Rose Cuts initially dominated the scene along with other antique cuts and were only available to Royalty to wear. As the years went by expensive diamond jewellery became available to the masses and the brilliant cut was introduced, because of its high performance, people immediately went for it. If you took a step back to notice, most jewellery showrooms will put Brilliant cuts front and foremost, not just because they were best sellers, because they knew that they were hard to resist pieces for all occasions. 

What makes a Brilliant Cut the perfect choice for all occasions?

If you take a look, Brilliant cut diamonds for sale online comes in all shapes and sizes. They're casual, minimal, high fashion, and a blend between the two. They're customized and come in different shapes, sizes, colours and carats. You could have a small salt and pepper diamond, with a thin rose gold band as a part of the stacked rings on your finger. Or a simple brilliant cut heart shaped pendant for Valentine’s Day, or a diamond wreath choker to go with your evening gown. In the words of Lorelei Lee, “I just love finding new places to wear Diamonds.”

Types of Brilliant Cut Diamonds are 

  1. Round Brilliant Cut 
  2. Princess Cut
  3. Marquise Cut
  4. Cushion Cut
  5. Emerald Cut
  6. Radiant Cut.
  7. Pear Shaped
  8. Oval Cut.

Alternatives to Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds

These Diamonds are grown in a lab. They have the same chemical structure and properties of a regular, mined, natural diamond. These are one of the main sources of conflict free diamonds and are the way of the future. Moissanite is another Diamond alternative that is lab grown, because real Moissanite is rare. 

Recycled diamonds

Recycled diamonds are from Diamond jewellery that has been surrendered by their previous owners. The original stone is removed, polished and cleaned. It is set in a new diamond band or sold loose. If you wish to get hold of one of these, there are sites that let people buy recycled loose diamonds or recycled diamond jewellery for sale online, or you could stroll into a vintage jewellery store looking for one.

KPCS Diamonds

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was founded to stop conflict diamonds or blood diamonds from infiltrating the mainstream diamond trade by United Nations General Assembly Resolution. Many countries have adopted the KPCS system. India is one country where you can buy KPCS diamonds online for sale. These are also known as conflict free diamonds or earth mined conflict free diamonds


Moissanite is the best alternative to Diamonds. They look so similar that it would take only an expert to see through it. The difference is that Moissanite has more of a rainbow sparkle than a white sparkle. Otherwise they have similar properties. Also Moissanite is far more affordable than Diamond. 


Clear Quartz when cut in its Brilliant form looks similar to Diamond, however you can tell that it's not simply from the lack of sparkle. While it does have a glimmer to it, it cannot compete with Diamond. However if you are the type that is just interested in the cut and design rather than obtaining a real diamond, then this is the one to go for. Also by saving money on the Stone, you will be able to invest in a more unique metal band with other gemstones. 

Salt and Pepper Diamonds/ Raw Rough Diamonds / Grey Diamonds

If you look to buy Raw Rough Diamonds online for sale, you would see that it’s a bit more affordable compared to clear white diamonds. While most diamonds do have inclusions, some more than others, the salt and Pepper diamonds have a grey look to them and sparkle lesser. But they have their own charm to them and appeal to a certain type of customer. You can also buy Brilliant cut diamonds wholesale online of the salt and pepper variety to customize your own jewellery. 

If you want to have a look at some Brilliant Diamonds or looking to invest, we suggest you head over to our website and feast your eyes on some enchanting pieces! With guidance just at the click of a button!

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