Clear Diamonds: What You Should Know Before Buying

Clear Diamonds are Diamonds that are devoid of any foriegn matter, dirt, debris or cracks within the Diamond, classifying it as clear. However it should be known that most “clear” Diamonds are not 100% clear. They do contain a tiny bit of foreign matter, it's just not visible with the naked eye, and only slightly visible under a microscope. Diamonds with high clarity are extremely expensive and rare.

Do Clear Diamonds allow Better passage of Light?

While this is true, it does not mean that coloured Diamonds and salt and pepper Diamond do not allow passage of light. Salt and pepper diamonds are a whole other demographic, because the inclusions play a huge part in the design, and salt and pepper diamonds are currently doing very well despite the speed bump in the diamond jewellery business because of the pandemic. They do well as tiny stones on thin metal bands as stacked rings. However it is because of the inclusions that salt and pepper Diamonds are affordable in the first place.

Does colour affect Clarity?

Yes and no. Certain fancy diamonds tend to have a slightly dull appearance compared to colourless diamonds, mainly because of the presence of additional chemical properties, and also people naturally tend to believe that the addition of colour will hinder the passage of light .

Cloudy and Non Cloudy Diamonds

These Diamonds are not considered salt and pepper, because they do not meet the criteria for it. Visually, they have the appearance of a haze/ fog within the stone. This will sometimes give the stone a white or greyish hue. Real colourless diamonds are more crystal like. If you are a jeweller in need of good prices, we suggest you buy clear diamonds wholesale online rather than individually fork out each time you need a diamond.

How to Buy clear Diamonds?

Do not look for the cheap way out. It's a fact that clear diamonds are expensive, no seller will give it to you for less. Write up a budget and spend accordingly.

Be aware of being sold gemstones instead of diamonds, ask for a certificate of authenticity and buy from legitimate websites.

Research is important, the more you know, the more the seller will respect you, and offer more options. 

The best thing to do is study the appearance of salt and pepper diamonds and cloudy diamonds before taking the leap. Do not shy away from slightly included diamonds, they perform just as well. Salt and pepper diamonds, as mentioned before, are doing well in the market and are trending among jewellery lovers. If you are looking to buy salt and pepper diamonds, you have a lot of options and sales at your disposal. However if you have no problem spending, you can buy clear diamonds online as well.

If you seek out clear, colourless options, you can go for moissanite and lab grown options, which are far more affordable.

Note* It is a high possibility that some diamonds are clear, but are covered with oil and dirt from the outside giving it a foggy look. So in the case of recycled jewelry you may come across a clear diamond, do not discard it for this reason, it just needs a bit of cleaning.

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