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Uncut Rondelle Diamonds : Rise in Interest of Vintage Looking Jewelry


What are Uncut Rondelle Diamonds?

Raw Rough Diamonds, are pulled from the earth in their natural state, drilled, polished and sold, is this Raw rough state as Round or Rondelle Diamonds. They can be shaped, not faceted to give them this look.

Why do Raw Rough Uncut Diamonds remind us of Vintage Jewelry?

Going back to the Era where only royalty were allowed the privilege of adorning precious diamond and Gemstone jewellery, and even though they were the elite at the time and had the best craftsmen, they still had no access to the kind of equipment that the most common jewellery designer has today. Their stones were either roughly shaped Raw rough stones, and diamond beads, or drilled uncut Rondelle. Over the passage of time, of course this kind of jewelry fell out of touch with better cut and carved Diamonds and Gemstones. And Rough cut Rondelle Diamonds became associated with that time-period.

Why a sudden interest in Vintage Diamond jewellery?

Along with romance, themed festivals and other events in a human being's life, nostalgia is a driving force. But we can't particularly call vintage jewelry nostalgic because of how long ago it was passed around. Nevertheless, people love taking inspiration from past Era's and vintage jewelry is one of them. Vintage Jewellery stores are one place to get hold of them, while new designers are coming out with their own collection.

Normally a scarcity of something will start a wave of buying from customers, in this case genuine antique jewellery, this pushes production of new jewellery, with vintage themes, for those who want in on the trend, but not so much to invest in genuine pieces.

Instagram has become a hotbed for sporting vintage jewelry and adds a sort of aesthetic appeal to the viral images, which could be counted as another reason for increase in demand.

Why are Raw Rough diamonds in demand besides jewellery:-

  • With diamonds being the hardest substance on earth, it was discovered that it can be used to even cut concrete, and metal. And so Industrial tool manufacturers insert diamonds into blades used to cut certain hard substances.
  • Diamonds are also used in the production of optical lenses and Diamond powder is used to shape multiple hardened materials.
  • Speaking of using Diamond powder as an abrasive substance, there have been several high-end luxury cosmetics brands that have said to include fine Diamond powder in their lotions and creams as an exfoliating material claimed to remove dead skin cells.
  • Your face is not the only thing it polishes however, and in a more abrasive paste like form can polish other Gemstones, ceramics, metals, glass and more!
  • They are heat sensitive and are used in multiple scientific experiments and machinery.

Why should you consider buying Raw rough diamonds

Be different to be seen

Everyone under the sun has a faceted brilliant cut, rose cut, emerald cut diamond among other stones. There is beauty in uniqueness, so why not try it out? Rough cut Rondelle Diamond beads have their own rustic charm that many will appreciate.

They are less expensive

Yup, Raw Rough Diamonds on sale are less expensive, especially when you find these rough-cut diamonds online for sale, because each brand is competing in Diamond sales, you will get fabulous discounts. Plus, the added expenditure of faceting each diamond is removed. So, what's holding you back in exploring this type of Diamond jewellery?

Loose Raw Rough Diamonds

As a jeweller, you are free to explore new options with rough uncut Diamonds, and if you are not skilled at cutting Diamond facets, just get them readily available drilled, in strands at this link. Going forward you can explore the world of vintage diamond jewellery, using uncut Rondelle Diamonds. Let your imagination run wild.

Looking to buy Raw Uncut Diamonds for sale online? We also offer Raw Rough Diamonds wholesale, with custom orders as well! If you want to have a good look at more jewellery material, Diamonds and gemstones you can catch up with us at gemsdiamondsbyshikha.com ! Happy shopping!

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