Why are Briolette Beads are the most preferred choice to make jewelry, necklaces and earrings?

In the last few years there has been a spike in sales of rose cut diamonds, antique jewelry and briolette cut gemstones and diamonds. Briolette beads fall into the category of rose cuts because of their surrounding triangular facets, which are not supported by any bezel settings or prongs. They are simply drilled near the tapered edge and hung on strands.

This cut that was mainly popular during the Victorian era but is now being brought back into the mainstream and is being produced mainly in India. But first we must elaborate...

What are briolette beads?

Briolette is when the diamond or gemstone is cut in an elongated cylindrical shape, with facets encircling it. It is either made using rough cut or clear Diamonds, or precious and semi precious gemstones.

What makes them so attractive?

It is strategically cut in this sort of droplet form with facets, so that light bounces off of it in a magical way as it moves naturally. It's settings are drilled, wire wrapped or if you want, capped. The cap or the drilled hole is at the pointy edge of the bead, and when strung, hangs as a droplet. This chandelier effect wows the viewer and wearer. Not to mention it was widely used during the Victorian era, in royal jewelry, crowns and necklaces, so it comes with it's own royal baggage that makes the present day owner feel special. It's a classy timeless piece that encompasses royalty and romance all at once. In the case of a set of drop earrings, all that's needed to do was to thread each briolette bead and latch them onto precious metals studs or hooks or connectors. No complicated setting is required to make a set of sophisticated earrings when using Briolettes. This in turn brings the production costs down. They even make for simple pendants at the end of a gold chain.

Interesting facts:

Rumoured to be the first briolette cut, the Briolette of India, was acquired by King Louis VII’s consort, before being passed through various hands over the years, and is now said to be illegally owned by a European family.

Why are they making a comeback?

For any trend to kick off, it needs to first start making news, either being sported by a celebrity on the red carpet, a brand sponsoring their jewelry through a popular influencer etc . There is no sure way or method to get something trending, but they are unexpected. But when it takes the world by storm, it creates ripples in the industry, and in the case of Briolette beads, the fashion and Jewellery sector.

Nevertheless, if you want to buy Briolette beads online, there are many sites that sell gemstone briolette beads wholesale. They make for unique uncomplicated droplet designs and settings, making them the go to for simple sophisticated jewelry pieces, that can be pulled off with any look.

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