What you should know when buying a Rose Cut Diamond

Diamond cuts that well known on this earth are mainly Princess, Cushion, Asscher, Radiant, Emerald, Round, Oval, Marquise, Pear, Trillion and Heart cut. Because Diamond cuts like Emerald and Round Brilliant dominate the market, the buyer is somewhat ill informed of the Rose cut. Even with its romantic symbolism and it’s cut dating back centuries, it still seems to be considered, not rare at the moment, but still unique. But the need to wear,create or possess something not seen very often in jewellery is the driving force behind individuals purchasing said diamond cut.

Hence before taking the plunge into diamond buying, there are a few things to keep in mind and list out when you seek the perfect diamond for your business or personal use.

First, what exactly makes it a Rose cut?

Unlike a round brilliant which tapers towards a point at the bottom, a Rose cut has a flat base. However the surface area of the Rose cut is larger because all the carat weight is on the surface. So a one carat Rose cut to the naked eye, looks bigger than a round brilliant with the same carat weight. For anyone who thinks size matters, this is for them.

They are called rose cuts because they are cut to resemble the petals and bud of a rose. Rose cuts go back years and are classified as single rose cut, double rose cut, antique cuts and dutch rose cut. Dutch rose cuts resemble briolette beads and so are far apart from the usual single cut. Single cuts have one layer of facets, double layer have two. Antique rose cuts were cut by hand and are found in vintage stores. Another, the portrait cut is facted but flatter than the rest.

If your into sparkle, you might want to take a detour

Rose cuts do not exactly sparkle,they glimmer and are perfect for low light conditions. Brilliant cuts are “out” there and execute fire and brilliance dramatically to the point that people notice that you are actually wearing a diamond. Rose cuts sort of compare to crystal in terms of performance. The best thing for you to do if you are unsure about the glamour is to observe one up close. But if you are someone who likes subtlety, this is for you.

If you want them re-cut, think again.

People who have already owned rose cuts have been disappointed to find out that because of its flat nature, they is very little of the mass to actually carve out a new diamond from. So we suggest to let it remain the way it is rather than attempting to recut only to damage it and render it useless.

They are cut mainly from heavily included stones

Because of the low demand for rose cut diamond jewellery, the price of said design is also lower. What contributes to this factor is also the quality of stone. While the inclusions in jewellery are frowned upon, the rose cut seem to exemplify the beauty of an inclusion. Giving it a pretty marble effect. Or rather looks like a galaxy or constellation of stars trapped within a single stone. If that’s your style go for it.

If you're into History and Romance then this is for you

It’s no secret that Rose cuts were popular with Royalty. Their classic look and timelessness makes this vintage piece seem Romantic and makes for a good conversation piece.

How do I get my hands on this

If you're new here, then online is the best place to go. Rose cut diamonds for sale online are available on a wide scale. You can get rose cut diamonds wholesale and even custom made into whatever design in mind. Make sure they provide a certificate of authenticity before you make your purchase. But we suggest you test the waters before placing a mass order, just to ascertain the buying process and the product received. You will also have to ensure that they are conflict free because that's one factor that important incase of resale.

If your still willy nilly and need help, we are available with help at just a click of a button, our Website provides custom and wholesale orders, our products are conflict free and we provide only the best! Click here to view some of our Rose Cuts! Happy Shopping

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