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Buying Rosary Chains? Here’s what you need to know!


The origin of the Rosary Chain

Rosary chains go way back to the emergence of religions like catholicism and buddhism etc that have used prayer beads as a means to effectively meditate and pray. Over time they evolved into variations of gemstone , wood, glass and agate beaded rosary chains, but their purpose remained the same. As the years went by people started to use these loose beaded rosary chains for casual and fine jewelry, so many more different options opened up for designers.

What kind of Rosary chain can you find in the market?

Rosary beads can be found in different shapes and sizes. The beads can be round square, cylindrical, faceted, oval, rondelle,  and in materials like pearls, chalcedony, Iolite, Jade, Amethyst, Pyrite, Onyx, Coral, crystal, quartz etc. They can be looped with precious metal like gold, silver, platinum, sterling silver etc. 

But the chain and the beads are not the only components of the rosary of course. The Rosary included the crucifix, the medallion, jump rings and eye pins. Rosaries are crafted in bulk mainly for the purpose of prayer, and so the majority of them coincide with their own colours, shapes and designs. However with the raw material aka rosary beaded chain, you are free to design whatever you wish using the raw materials. 

What do I design them with?

Rosaries can be made using individual beads, chain and other findings. But it's easy enough to find wholesale Beaded rosary chains online for sale. Buying singular chains online is impractical, unless you have a local store willing to sell it to you as a single. 

When shopping for rosary chains online, particularly if the beads are made from precious and semi preciou stone, ensure that you purchase from a legitimate site and that they are giving a certificate of authenticity along with your purchase. 

A flat-nose plier should do. A rosary plier is more specific and is manufactured to specifically work with Rosaries.  Round-nose pliers used to create loops and side-cutting pliers used to cut wire and chain and a wire cutter. Excess pieces of chain to use wherever necessary. Wire or eye pins,  jump rings etc .

For designing anything other than the Rosary, you can use Diamonds and gemstone connectors, wire wrapping, charms pendants, and other various elements that may be available to you to spruce up your design.

Rosaries are great as gifts to anyone who prays the rosary, particularly for events like baptisms and weddings or even confirmations. But apart from the religious context, they are quite edgy pieces of jewellery and Rosary chains with black beads are used in many goth themed jewellery wear like earrings, bracelets, necklaces and chokers. There are endless possibilities when it comes to rosary chains so don't hold yourself back in designing. 

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