What kind of Brilliant cut diamond is for you?

Brilliant Cut Diamonds are the King of Diamond Cuts and have dominated the top position in jewellery sales for decades.

Nearly every engagement ring out there, has a brilliant cut stone set at the centre. This along with other fine jewelry necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

What are the parts of a brilliant cut diamond?

A brilliant cut diamond comprises of -

 The table face, which is the top, the girdle which is the edging that splits the diamond in two, the pavilion which is the bottom half , and the cutlet which is the point tapering towards the ground. The total number of facets surrounding the diamond are 58 in total.

The pavilion is instrumental in creating the amazing sparkle that everybody loves.

Without that faceted bottom, the light refraction would not take place. The light is pulled in from the top, and it bounces around the inside of the diamond to expel the light it receives.


Lots of the time brilliant cuts are supported by a prongs settings, although it is not the most secure, it allows for ample passage of light to the diamond.

What are the types of Brilliant cut diamonds?

ROUND- Round Brilliant diamonds are of course the most popular and most in demand. The classic engagement ring usually comprises of one. People who go in for the cut are said to lean more towards owning classic, romantic, sentimental keepsakes. Does not fall under the affordable category, however if the diamond were to be slightly included, lesser carat, then it should be within your budget.

PRINCESS- The name itself draws a buyer towards this stone. Another popular engagement ring stone, it is categorized as a fancy cut . To anyone unfamiliar with this, from the top it looks like a square and works well with any ring type and any precious metal.

OVAL- The oval cut diamond is another popular diamond. Its elongated shape gives it a larger appearance. However it's not so subtle appearance and fire, makes it more of a piece to be worn only for special occasions and not for everyday use.

MARQUISE- You could call it the stretched version of an oval diamond. Only difference is that it has pointed edges, giving it a very sharp, sleek look. Not a favourite, but nonetheless also a fitting choice for a ring or any jewellery set. It does well as a large pendant hung off a fine precious metal chain.

PEAR- Pear shapes or tear drops do well as drop earrings. While some have sported it as engagement rings, like Emily Ratajkowski who had a double ring with a princess cut diamond in one and a pear shape diamond in the other, they usually do well fitted into necklaces, chokers, bracelets, brooches and earrings.

CUSHION- Cushion cut diamonds are among the most fabulous cuts out there. They suit any diamond or gem. Included or clear. It does not matter. It's simple, yet sophisticated look makes it a go to for many. It has been around for more than 200 years and is considered by many to be antique. Few treasures like this can be found in vintage stores, since it was a popular cut back in the day. While these diamonds are generally square shapes with rounded edges, you also get elongated cushion cuts. These cuts do well with colored diamonds and colours associated with fire. But it depends on the wearer.

RADIANT- The radiant cut diamond isn't widely considered a brilliant cut. It is rectangular yet has a completely brilliant-cut facet pattern for the crown and pavilion. It may confuse many at first who will assume it's an emerald cut, until they notice that that bottom has a pavilion and not a step cut. In short it is a cross between a cushion and a princess cut,  and this fusion causes it to be a favourite among many. These diamond cuts are a rage amongst celebrities and you cannot miss them at red carpet events because they manage to steal the show every single time.

HEART- Heart shape diamonds always seal the deal. The Heart have always been synonymous  with romance and love. So what better than to have a heart shaped Brilliant cut diamond. However this shape is reserved exclusively for occasions such as valentines day as a pendant, charms or for simple engagement or wedding rings with thin precious metal bands. They do not do well in overcrowded jewellery. If you are someone who doesn't mind putting your love out there then this is for you.

How do I get my hands on Brilliant Cut Diamond Jewellery?

Now thanks to the internet, anyone with funds can acquire brilliant cut diamonds online for sale. If you are looking to craft or custom make your own pieces, for example if you were a designer, you could opt for loose brilliant cut diamonds wholesale online. Just make sure to do your research and check if you are buying from a legitimate seller and be sure to ask for a certificate of authentication along with your purchase. This will be instrumental in case to want to resell and also to verify the diamond and gemstone cut, clarity, shape colour etc.

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