Spellbinding Brown Diamond Beads

Different Types of Diamond Beads

To be so enamored by classic brilliant cut diamond trends that one is not aware of Diamond beads is pure tragedy.  Yes, there is something known as Diamond beads.

In this article we will give you the basics on this Diamond niche that is still just a small part of the luxury Diamond market.

What are Diamond Beads?

Diamond beads are carved out of Raw Rough Diamond. They have a hole drilled through the centre and are sold in strands. They have multiple facets encircling the bead and come in different shapes and sizes.

How do you buy Diamond beads?

It has the same purchasing process as regular diamonds or gemstones. You can get them in store, but in lieu of the pandemic, the safer option is to buy them online. Online Diamond options are endless and you can pick and choose. Keep these things in mind-

  • Is it an authentic seller with a safe payment gateway?
  • Look for customer reviews.
  • Do they offer certificates with your purchase?
  • Do they offer refunds, exchanges?
  • Do they send you sample pieces?
  • Are they ready to answer all your queries?
White Diamond Rondelle Beads
White Diamond Rondelle Beads

Can you get Diamond Beads wholesale?

Yes absolutely! If you are an experienced jewelry designer then wholesale diamond buying is the best option. That way you save, and you can produce multiple designs at once. In case you do not manage to sell out your stock, you have the chance to hold giveaways on your social media pages.

But as a new designer, manage your finances, because you may not yet have a base to sell your diamond jewelry.

Either way make sure firstly that you have the required license to work with diamonds, and papers to prove that they are not fake and that they are conflict free.

What are the types of Diamond beads?

Diamond Briolette Beads

Briolette Beads are some of the oldest Diamond cuts. The facets encircle the diamond so that when it spins, it dispels light like a crystal ball. It is more of an elongated pear shape diamond. Drilled at the pointed top, it is meant to be suspended from that point. These briolette beads do well with white diamonds, champagne diamonds and any pastel shade which leaves the diamond translucent.

Diamond Rondelle Beads

Rondelle Beads are closely related to Briolette, but their facets are slightly flatter, and some beads have the shapes move outwards on a disc and then descend back towards the other end of the bead.

Rough Diamond Beads

Raw Rough Diamond Beads, are non-faceted, and are cut down to size, drilled and strung. They maintain their raw rough look and sell that way. These are sold in a variety of shapes and colors, and are less expensive than clear, faceted beads.

Sliced Diamond Beads

Diamond slices are crafted from raw rough diamonds with artistic inclusions. You should be able to see it with the naked eye. The slices could be drilled at two ends, or drilled in the centre. In most cases it's the former, because it's visually appealing, when it's set with bezel or hooped as a connector.

Salt and Pepper Diamond Beads

Known as raw rough diamond beads, they contain a number of inclusions, and are of a greyish tone. Because of the inclusions, it has a faint glimmer and is worn for semi-formal occasions. They are less expensive than clearer, faceted diamond beads.

Diamond Pipe Beads

Pipe beadscommon in jewelry making, but not for diamonds. They are less preferable because unless these are faceted, they don't shine as much. But the rarity of diamond pipe beads pulls in its niche clientele.

Gemstones Beads

Gem Beads can be considered as any of the above, briolette, rondelle, sliced, except that they are made from gemstones. A popular category is carved gemstone beads, where gems like opal are skillfully carved into figurines and other shapes. Some of the oldest jewelry pieces in the world include carved gemstones.

Diamonds beads are one amongst a wide variety of Diamonds and Gemstones. You can visit our website and explore a large collection of Cut Diamonds, carved gemstones, jewelry connectors, healing crystals and other jewelry making supplies. Also, if you liked this article, then you will definitely like, “How to pick the perfect Diamond Band”. Check it out!

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