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Things you should consider before buying HEISHI beads

What are Heishi beads?

Originally Heishi beads were beads made from shell, but as time progressed they were also made from any natural material like bone, wood, coral etc.

These beads are handmade, and their value depends on the skill of the Craftsmen. Because they used to be a local ethnic handmade accessory, to source them it was difficult. But now anyone in the jewelry industry can pick up heishi beads online easily.

Back then, they were pieces of shell, cut up, drilled and polished and strung up on wire. It's an old technique of jewelry making, and is to this day, still sometimes made by hand.

What are Heishi beads made from?

Produced from coconut shell, wood, brass, nickel, copper, seashells like oyster, mother of pearl, coral, stone. And widely purchased as turquoise, Pipestone, jet, and serpentine. If you want a better look or more options, there are gemstone websites where you buy heishi beads wholesale at a reasonable price.

Things to brush up on before setting out to buy Heishi Beads

The make

The material is sliced into strips and then finely cut into equal pieces. Then depending on requirements it is snipped till it forms a circle or a square. With the hole drilled into the center. With the formation of the round beads, plenty of material is lost as it is cut on every corner till it is fairly circular. They are then strung onto a firm wire or thread and sanded down until they are smooth, with no jagged edges. Some might chip and crack under this pressure. These are obviously discarded.

Note- Good quality Heishi Beads have no jagged pieces and rough edges, if you observe the beads and find a rough texture, like chipped pieces and a rugged cut, then you are being sold substandard quality.


Will the beads wither with time? Do your research in advance of the ways in which you can preserve or give your beads a longer shelf life, and what material matches what maintenance technique.

Target Audience

If you are a designer, or a craftsman, do you have a market for your designs? Will your investment prove to be fruitful or will it be a waste? Heishi beads, although a very old way of jewellery making, has a niche market, and to reach the right consumer may be difficult, yet not impossible.


Used as chains and earrings, with a single thread or wire. Wire wrapping is optional, if you feel the need to use it in couture or in millinery, although it is scarcely seen that way. At the end of the day it depends on the users unlimited imagination.


The perfect Heishi Beads are smooth to touch when aligned without any sign of damage. There is no sense in going the extra mile to obtain an expensive item only to discover you have purchased a damaged product. Hence make sure to purchase from reliable vendors and online websites that provide you with certification upon request, which will also assure you that they are conflict free.


Since heishi beads are made from a range of different materials, the cost of each set will depend on said material and will also depend on the difficulty in sculpting the beads. For example the time and energy required to shape wood will differ from that of shell, which is a category in itself, as there are different kinds of shell. They may also take into account the brittleness of each substance to ensure that if at all, damage occurs, it should not eat into the profit.

If you would like to look over some brilliant variety of Heishi beads, you can log onto our website at www.gemsdiamondsbyshikha.com, and we can assist you every step of the way! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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