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Uncut Diamond Jewelry: Venture into a world of antique jewelry designing

Uncut Diamond Jewelry: Venture into a world of antique jewelry designing

 Uncut Diamond jewelry has been admired only by a select number in the last few decades, even if they once were in the palm of historic royalty at one point of time. Jewelry lovers have been blinded by the bright sparkle of expertly crafted Diamond jewelry over the years, but are slowly turning their gaze onto unusual pieces. These unusual pieces are the Uncut Diamond Jewelry.

There is a certain magic that surrounds Raw Uncut Diamonds. While Raw Diamond jewelry has been used during the Victorian and Mughal eras in history, they have since been swapped for various other Diamonds cuts. And so Rough Cut Diamond Jewelry took a backseat.

But first, what is an Uncut Diamond?

An Uncut diamond is a diamond that has been unearthed in its natural state. That means that it is not yet cut or polished, and this stage is known as the Raw Rough Stage, and the stone a Raw Rough Diamond or Polki Diamonds. Polki Diamonds are old form of diamond cutting, originating in India long before the introduction of foreign methods of cutting. They have a non-faceted look but are polished.

Every little Diamond and gemstone on this planet starts out this way. There is a long process that turns this piece of rock into the bedazzling work of art seen around the world on red carpets, events and engagements. The stone gets passed around from hand to hand, from cleaning and cutting, to polishing, to jewelry making and finally marketing and distribution. So if you have ever wondered if you can get your hands on them to include in your jewelry designing, you can!

Buying Uncut Diamonds

Raw Uncut Diamonds worth

Diamond prices usually make us wince with the high price tag; this won’t be an issue with raw uncut diamonds. It is even better if you buy them at a wholesale rate. Because this way you can manufacture multiple designs for a lesser cost, but even if you don’t manage to use them, you can either sell them at the market rate to other designers. You can even have giveaways on your personalized jewelry page on social media.

The price of Raw Diamonds always depends on the size, color, clarity and weight. A large raw Diamond may sell for more, because of its excellent quality but a brilliant cut may be less expensive because of the number of inclusions and subsequent color.

Uncut Diamond Buying Risk

Is it risky to buy Raw Rough Diamonds? That depends on if you are a skilled jewelry designer or craftsman. You should think about this-

  • Do I have the manpower or craftsmen to expertly cut and polish the diamonds without accidently splitting, damaging or wasting it in any way?
  • How much is it going to cost me if that happens.
  • If I don't make sales, am I capable of reselling these stones?
  • Are the uncut diamonds I purchase of good quality? Do they have multiple inclusions, cracks, air bubbles? Are they milky?
  • Are they large enough to recut?
  • Can I afford to invest in large Diamonds?
  • Market

The jewelry industry is a whole spectrum. While a large crowd would go in for brilliant cut diamonds, there may be those who only buy salt and pepper diamonds, pink diamonds, chocolate diamonds and so on.

But suppose your niche is Black Diamonds, and you sell them in rough cut or faceted. Do you already have your clientele lined up? Do you know how to reach them? A good chance of a business crawling along to success is lack of marketing, not lack of quality product. It shouldn't be a case where you give up, when there's a good chance that your target market is very much in existence.

Is Uncut Diamond Jewelry Trending?

Over the last few years, a wave of nostalgic vintage fashion and jewelry trends has washed over the millennial and Gen Z crowd. Popular social media hangouts like Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter have catapulted spirituality and spiritual tools like chakras, crystal pendulum and other healing gemstones to the forefront. While some use these items in their spiritual practices, the more fashion centric crowd look to invest in different raw rough diamond jewelry.

What are the Uncut Diamond jewelry trends?

Stacked rings

Stacked rings have been trending for some time now. They are usually dainty thin gold or rose gold bands that have a tiny raw rough diamond set in the middle. The salt and pepper diamonds perfectly compliment a semi-formal outfit, and can be paired with formal office attire as well. They are given the term “Stacked Rings”, because multiple rings are stacked one above the other on each finger. The designs can include salt and pepper diamonds, raw rough gemstones and gemstones related to the wearers zodiac sign.

Single chain necklaces

Single chain necklaces will comprise of a tiny, single rough diamond, dangling from a fine chain. The uncut stone will be held in place with a bezel setting, or a modern unique jewelry setting. These chains can drop right till the waist, while some prefer these to just reach the collar bone.

Jewelry connectors

Jewelry connectors are found at jewelry supply stores. They can even be purchased from online jewelry stores. They consist of diamond and gemstone that has already been set with precious metal by the seller, with hoops or connectors attached. All you need to do is link each one together or include them individually in your own personal designs. Jewelry connectors and rosary bead chains have started taking over Instagram as the latest street wear trend.


And of course rings. Brilliant cut engagement rings have dominated the wedding scene for decades. But people are always looking to swap for anything unique. A simple Google search reveals gorgeous mysterious raw salt and pepper engagement rings, raw diamond solitaire engagement rings and more. Among the prettiest are rough diamond engagement rings, with smaller cut rough diamonds on either side, in complementary or contrasting colors. Getting any wedding ring Ideas yet?


Raw Diamond slices

Raw Diamonds are sliced into thin films so that you can easily spot the inclusions and you can see through the diamond slice. It’s a unique new concept, and has been trending in jewelry circles. Popularly set with gold bezel, they are hung by themselves from a single, fine chain. Their beauty revolves around their marble like inclusions across the stone.

Uncut Rondelle Diamond

Diamonds beads are not new, but are scarcely worn by many. The regular consumer prefers faceted diamonds. To the average person they may seem like gemstones. But they are actually diamonds that have been drilled through the centre, available in different colors and sold in strands. Whichever way they can be implemented in a design is up to the designer. The need for a setting is unnecessary, making it an easy to design accessory.

We hoped this helped, but in case you need any help with Diamonds, gemstones for jewelry supplies you can visit our site at https://gemsdiamondsbyshikha.com/ . Hope you get the best out of your exhilarating journey in the art of jewelry design!


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