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Moissanite: A Great Alternative To Diamond

Moissanite: A Great Alternative To Diamond

Recently jewellery insiders have noticed a significant shift by customers, from Diamond to Moissanite. Has the all reigning king, the diamond lost its shine?

This dramatic shift raises a lot of questions, and we may have the answer!

Are people really getting over the diamond hype?

With the unstable economy and the social media boom, people have started taking an interest in finance, through the internet and weighing out their smarter choices and expenditures. While Gold is an excellent investment opportunity, Diamonds aren't really seen the same way. At least not to most people. Most of the income for the diamond jewellery sector is through the bridal industry, which as we have stated before, rakes in over a billion dollars annually. So while people still believe in diamond rings, the industry is sorted. But once people start to develop their own opinion towards these ideas, there will be a shift. Towards more environmentally friendly options, options that don't hurt the pocket, and in the case of couples, investment towards housing and a future rather than on a diamond ring. And to make up for not putting in the dough for the expensive, yet classic Round Brilliant Diamond, they will opt for the more affordable Moissanite Diamond with the same cut. No one would even know the difference. This would be easy, with the help of the internet there are innumerable websites where you can buy Moissanite online for sale.

Do Moissanite origins have anything that says, “Pickme! I am better!” ?

While Diamonds are formed through fossils from millions of years ago, Moissanite has a relatively different origin, to put it simply it is naturally occurring silicon carbide. Not the most interesting piece of information, and hence not the best selling point. The two diamonds that score points in this area are white diamonds and the more mysterious black diamonds, that are said to be excavated from meteorite rock. But the thing is, Natural Moissanite is very rare, that is why you are more likely to come across a lab grown diamond rather than a Natural stone. Either way, they are the exact same in terms of composition, so no worries. But kudos to you, if you get your hands on a Natural Moissanite jewelry .

What makes Moissanite different from Diamonds in terms of structure and composition?

To the untrained eye, there is no difference between diamond and moissanite. Structure wise:-

Durable, Does not crack or split under intense pressure.

Moissanite Mohs scale rating- 9.5

Diamond Mohs scale-10

There is not much difference in terms of hardness for both Moissanite and Diamond, both are used for industrial purposes, and in jewellery design.

Both stones will last the owner for a considerable amount of time. All that needs to be done is it has to be kept clean and polished daily, even if unkempt, neither get discolored and lose their shine. Changing or redesigning the setting or the band is another matter, and is left entirely up to the owner.

All I want is sparkle, which one should I go for?

Diamond has more of a white glittery sparkle, whereas Moissanite seems to emit rainbow beams. This is an easy enough description of light refraction between the two stones. However, we advise you see them in person before you pick one out. In short, yes both are very sparkly. But there's a slight difference between the two. If you're one for detail, then you have much to think about, otherwise just go for it. If it helps, Moissanite is more affordable, so it's gentle on the eyes and on the pocket.

I have a small budget,what should I do?

Limited budget? Not to worry. There is nothing wrong in saving up and spending wisely, even if society pushes us to portray a certain lifestyle to the world. But smart financial planning is the key to a secure future, and one you should think about when investing in diamond and gemstone jewellery. Moissanite is the obvious replacement for the more expensive diamond, and those with financial insecurity, should head for this affordable option. It promises and delivers nearly everything that a diamond would give, the only difference being the low demand for moissanite, which in turns brings the prices down.

Where do I find Moissanite Diamonds for sale?

There are plenty of places online for you to take a look at Loose moissanite Diamonds or Moissanite stones, that are conflict free and offer custom jewelry. Just make sure that they will send you certificates of Authenticity along with your purchase. If you're a first time buyers, we suggest gathering as much information as possible before you take that jump, not just about the stone your after, but also about the site.

So what do you think?

Can you tell the difference? Does it matter to you? List your pros and cons, your likes and dislikes, and if you're Team Moissanite or Team Diamond! And hit us up if you want to take that leap into the world of Diamond and gemstone Jewellery!  Visit GemsDiamondsbyShikha for more!





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