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The Beauty of Carved Gemstones

The Beauty of Carved Gemstones

Carved or engraved gemstones is not a new concept. The art of carving and engraving stone goes back to the stone age, from where this magnificent craft originates from. From carving stories, scripture, pictographs and deities on rock, it has transformed into an artform famous all over the world. The canvas can be anything from marble, rock, wood, wax, ice and even paper. And for those of us in the jewellery bubble, gemstone carving.

The history of carved gemstone jewelry can be traced back to the ancient period, carved gemstones were reserved specifically for royalty, nobility and the church. Kings and queen would have these gemstones carved and embedded in their crown and other royal pieces like necklaces and rings. Embedding carving gemstones in rings is prevalent today in european societies with signet rings, to make family history etc. .

Wax seal rings are a great example of gemstone carving-In those days signatures were not really prevalent, so in the place of one, or in sending letters, they would pour a drop of hot wax onto the parchment and press into the wax with the top of the ring which has a carved emblem, creating the imprint with the wax.

Sumerians and Hittite carvers showed very phenomenal skill of gemstone carving. Ancient Egyptians were highly skilled in gem carving. Pretty sure everyone is familiar with the famous, mesmerizing hand carved scarab beetle. Everywhere from India to china, gemstone carving was relevant throughout history.

For a gemstone carving there are certain elements that need to be highlighted before the process begins.

 Diamond being the hardest substance on the mohs scale is impossible to carve, it can only be cut using another diamond cutting tool or laser drilling and cutting. So to first determine if a stone can be carved, you must first find out its rating on the mohs scale, the lower the hardness, the smoother the carving, this is why most carved stones are semi precious like quartz, chalcedony, agate, amethyst, sard, onyx, carnelian, heliotrope,and jasper.

Even if these gemstones are popular for carving, quality is everything. Do they contain inclusions? Do they have cracks? Are they susceptible to chipping? Are they Durable?

Like any other piece of jewelry, customers would expect they last long, especially if they invest in it hoping for it to become a family heirloom. Also how to clean it, ways to prevent damage and how to keep it safe in the first place.

But once all these hurdles are crossed, you will never look back on your investment.

 There is a level of class to carved gemstones that no other jewelry can compete with. The ability to carry a story. Skilled craftsmen can weave any image or script into the stone, and as long as it's taken care of, itl stay that way forever.

 Carving stones for sale are usually flat back, and can be drilled embedded into rings, earrings. Attached with connectors, threaded through strands and wire wrapped to create beautiful drop earrings. With Bezel connectors, they can be woven into intricate bracelets and paired with other uncarved faceted precious stones.

 For some carvings, the hollow lines and crevices are filled with precious metal like gold and silver, illuminating the design further.

 At Shikha, some of our carved gemstones are straight drilled and come in strands. There is no more a classy piece like hand carved beads in a row adorning the neck.

 It's easy to buy beautiful hand carved gemstones online, with many sites offering discounts, custom and carved gemstones and connectors wholesale, and certificates of authenticity along with your purchase.

There are endless possibilities to the world of carved gemstones so don’t hold your creativity back. Log onto our website and buy certified gemstones online! We can help you with your choices, just leave us a mail and we will get back to you asap!

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