Things to know before buying rough diamonds

What are Rough Diamonds?

Raw Rough Diamonds are diamonds that have been found in the earth in their natural state, and are uncut, unpolished and may include impurities and inclusions. It is because of this that they may also be known as raw uncut diamonds. They also exist as lab grown diamonds that are cheaper.

 Rough uncut diamonds were not very popular in their natural state, but with the increase in independent designers and jewellers, they have attracted a fan following, have convinced traders to buy uncut diamonds and are being used as they are, i.e uncut and unpolished as jewellery.

It is an assumption that raw uncut diamonds for sale are around the same price as cut, polished diamonds. Not many are aware that the price only builds up when the raw diamond is presented for cutting, polishing or to embed in jewellery. The price mainly lies in the number of facets it possesses and its ability to refract light.

There are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration before you buy raw diamonds.

Will you  get ripped off?

Is it safe to buy raw diamonds online? Buying rough diamonds is risky business. Slipping up is not acceptable and you might end up losing a large investment. So in most cases it is advisable to opt for precut, polished diamonds. Also in some parts it is illegal to own loose Raw Rough Diamonds, so you better get your certification and licence in order.

Do you know your diamond?

If one were to bring up the 4 C’s,

cut, clarity, colour and carat,

 it would be a long ride from getting the diamond certified, to ensure it has the required colour, keeping in mind that usually coloured diamonds are less expensive. Along with this we have clarity, which would be difficult to spot in a rough diamond, unless you of course hire an expert to find out for you, and which would cost you. Another important element in diamond selling is the weight. Heavier stones cost more. Not going to happen if the stone is cut into a small gem from a slightly bigger rough. This problem may arise, when you go in for a low cost cylindrical shape rough, but you want a round diamond. You would end up losing large quantities of stone.

But if you wish to buy uncut diamonds, here are some things you should keep in mind…

Size Reduction

Keep in mind that once you purchase the rough diamond, it’s size will automatically reduce once it is cut and polished. The more cuts it has, the carat increases, the more it will refract light, so this only means, you would need to chip off a sizable amount of stone, to get the perfect sparkle, therefore bringing the size, weight and the cost down. So be smart and buy a bigger diamond.

Note- Do not fret over the leftover Diamond cuttings, you can easily turn it into Diamond Dust or slices, that can be set or drilled.

Diamond Strength

If the raw rough diamond purchased contains impurities, and unseen cracks within, then a slip of the hand or simple cutting may result in the stone chipping or even breaking apart. Invest in a professional diamond cutter if you are not one yourself.


Unless you are certain that you really need an authentic rough diamond, then it is suggested to go in for cheaper alternatives like moissanite, which is conflict free, or lab grown. With this you need not go through the painstaking process of emptying your budget, finding and funding a cutter or a designer. Also lab grown Diamonds are on the rise, as customers begin to push for more conflict free,  eco friendly alternatives.


The reason anyone would go in to buy anything would be low costing. The situation is the same in the diamond trade. However, there are a lot of risks to cutting and polishing, and you also may accidentally end up acquiring a rough diamond online with unseen impurities, which will lead to a loss in investment. Also in the light of the pandemic and imminent worldwide recession, it is unpredictable what  the rates of Raw Rough Uncut Diamonds will be, if the rates are low, you can seize the opportunity, but be aware not to overspend and send your business into a sinkhole .


Rough cut diamonds are starting to make a comeback in the design world, with more and more cat walks and showrooms displaying rough diamonds directly embedded in necklaces and rings. It is said that the rough diamond jewelry gives out a more authentic, natural feel, and on the side will also save the designer money. Loose Raw Rough Diamonds sales online are also picking up, because of the need for authenticity and unique designs. If you want to read more about this growing trend, you can look it up here.

Post Pandemic and recession

The Coronavirus Pandemic, paused businesses around the world, and its effects will change lifestyles and jobs as we know it. One of its main impacts being on the fashion industry, which again impacts the jewelry industry. The new rhetoric is made to order, and custom made unique pieces, tailored to an individual's liking. Large quantity manufacturing, it is said, is passé. This will greatly benefit individual standalone designers that custom make jewelry.

Post Pandemic Planning

The future is uncertain, regardless of the fact that a vaccine may roll out to the masses. People have undergone change in their lifestyle that they have become accustomed too,  and may not want to revert back to the old ways. Also imminent threat of more virus breakouts in the future will lead to further precautions. Because of this, businesses will need to adapt or get left behind. How will you adapt?

Waste not want not

During a recession, small businesses will be affected the most. They will likely fall on tough financial situations particularly if they have no emergency fund set up in advance. If you still manage to make some sales, you would have to be smart with your inventory. Because there's a chance you won't be able to afford new stock or you won't have access to it. Here you would have to go back to the beginning. Utilizing best out of waste. Save and carefully make use of your leftovers stones for new designs, letting the audience know that you and being environmentally responsible during this difficult period. Businesses that leave a bit of emotion in their marketing, tend to succeed.

Expert consultant expenditure

If you are not a gemologist or craftsmen yourself, this may pose a problem. To consult or partner with a professional will again cost a lot, and may eat into your profits. At the same time you cannot risk obtaining a rough cut diamond full of flaws and inclusions. Professional diamond cutters, apart from being expensive, won’t just work for anyone, and those that do will make you cough up. So financial planning when it comes to rough diamonds is necessary.

Buy Raw Diamonds online

To avoid a mishap, it is best to buy from a certified gemologist or vendor that will provide certification for said gem or diamond. In this situation, you can breathe easy knowing that you are in safe hands, that the raw diamonds for sale are conflict free, and also inclusion free.

Are you unsure where to find a safe vendor from whom to buy rough diamonds online? Are you looking for uncut diamonds on sale? We provide our customers with all the available options and needed information at the click of a button. Shop at GemsDiamondsByShikha .

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