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Things To Consider When Buying a Black Diamonds

What are Black Diamonds?

Black Diamonds are regular white diamonds that are heavily included to the point that the diamond looks dark, or black. Depending on the inclusions and its quantity, within the diamond can range from a variety of shades from full white to grey to black or even dull green. If the inclusions are spread out, they will be identified as Salt and Pepper diamonds. Looking to buy a black diamond?

Where do Black diamond’s come from?

There are two theories, one that is factual and the other is the mystery of Black Diamonds!

One being that they are simply from the earth's surface, full of inclusions


They are actually carved out of a meteorite, which crashed into the earth years ago.

However this has no definite proof yet people tend to believe the latter as it gives black diamonds an edgy back story.

Buying a Black Diamond

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In the beginning when you first wondered how to make jewelry, something must have set you off, like the sparkle of a brilliant cut white diamond, or the soft glimmer or a pink Rose cut Diamond. Just like this, black Diamonds have their own power that can draw people in and ask, “What's that?”

Things to keep in mind when buying black diamonds

  • Black Diamonds are popularly sold to a niche group of clientele. Since white clearly diamonds dominate the sales world over, Diamonds with an increase in their amount of colour regardless whether they are pink, yellow, blue etc. are sold lesser than white Diamonds. So to really market black Diamonds and profit from their beauty, you need to search out their demographic. Looking to buy a black diamond?
  • The finest black diamonds or Fancy black Diamonds contain an intense amount of inclusions, and need expert handling and care. They need to be cut, shaped and set perfectly, which is also a reason that designers feel that clear diamonds are less risky to work with.
  • The intense inclusions within the stone are usually trace amounts of graphite and hematite that have filled the stone through cracks. But you need not worry about the fissures too much if you are careful with the cutting process. Although it is advisable to know how wide the cracks are so that the diamond does not split under pressure.
  • Know this, because of the complications surrounding natural black diamonds; regular white diamonds have been treated to give them the intense black colour. This is normal even for other colored diamonds like pink, yellow, etc.
  • Black Diamonds are graded only on the scale required for colored Diamonds, outside the D-Z Diamond grading system. They don’t have a clarity scale.
  • Take care of a black Diamond the same way you would look after any delicate gemstone. Diamonds may be the hardest substance on earth, but the innumerable cracks within a black Diamond may collapse it from the inside under pressure.
  • If you set out to Design Black Diamond Jewellery. Study your black Diamond clientele. Those who go in for Black Diamonds are usually clients who prefer Goth fashion or sometimes it can even be someone who just wants some things different from everyone else.
  • They have been featured however on many celebrities and even on red carpet events. If you know how to style them, they will complete the perfect edgy yet classy look.
  • Black Diamonds are also lower priced than their lighter counterparts. A reason being that the inclusions prevents the light from passing through and bouncing around the inside of the Diamond, meaning there is less refraction of light. And in the case of intense fancy black Diamonds, absolutely no refraction of light. But some people are attracted to their metallic sheen, and pair small black diamonds with larger colourful clear diamonds. Looking to buy a black diamond?

Black Diamond’s Buying Tips

  • Looking to buy a black diamond? Please make sure to make a purchase from reputable vendors. Whether in store or online. When buying black Diamonds online ask for a certificate of authenticity with your diamonds or gemstone.
  • Certificates accompany the Diamond as proof that the diamond is conflict free, its grading scale and properties. It is also handy in the case of re-sale.
  • Read up their policy on websites if you shop online, and ask if they offer returns and refunds.
  • Keep in mind that if you are buying loose Diamonds or single Diamonds, if you need to recut them, the Diamond should be large enough to cut.
  • Black Diamonds do well as Rose Cuts, Brilliant cuts, cushion shapes and other varieties. They will also do brilliantly as Signet Rings.
  • If you are not an expert at diamond cutting make sure to factor the price of hiring a Diamond cutter within your budget.
  • Please note, there is a large gap in costs of natural earth mined black Diamonds, and treated black Diamonds. There is not much difference between the two except their origins. Since people prefer earth mined, the price is higher.
  • Also consider the type and price of the precious metal you hope to set your Diamond with.

How to Clean Jewelry-

  1. Immerse the Diamond in Warm Water, for 15 minutes and wipe clean with soft cloth.
  • If you need more cleaning then its best to buy a colored Diamond cleaning solution, and follow the instructions on the bottle carefully.
  • Do not attempt to DIY your own cleaning solution as harsh chemicals may affect the jewelry.

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