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invest in Colored diamonds

Why You Need to Invest in Colored Diamonds?

Studying emerging trends is crucial if you want to stay relevant in an ever changing industry. Everyday people are looking for new things to invest in, and make smart money choices. Have you ever considered the possibility of investing in colored Diamonds? Up until now you have only thought of Colored Diamonds as a luxury jewellery option or gift. But it's much more than that.

First of all Diamonds are the hardest substance in the world with a full rating on the Mohs scale. Meaning that they are durable and will last long with no noticeable damage, save for accumulating a little dust if not looked after or cleaned but can be easily undone.

And Diamonds being so small are easily considered the smallest yet the most expensive investment. And can be transported or stored without a problem.

Since natural colored Diamonds are rare, they are obviously a highly prized commodity.

Another reason why natural coloured Diamonds are rare is because most “Coloured” Diamonds that are in the market, are heat treated to give them a desired colour.

Also because of the environmental impacts on the earth from constantly procuring Natural Diamonds and in some cases, human rights abuses, companies and customers have slowly started switching to lab grown diamonds, making natural coloured diamonds a prized possession.

Naturally Colored Diamonds are for sale anywhere and purchase is accepted in all currencies. Through the years it has been observed that unlike items like gold and other precious metals, Fancy Color Diamonds like Pink Diamonds, yellow Diamonds, Blue Diamonds etc., have only increased in value.

Larger Fancy Colour Diamonds are rarer, because most colour diamonds are only found in small sizes.

Another smart investment in Diamonds is investing in Black Diamonds. Although Black Diamonds are somewhat marketed to a niche clientele, these customers are amongst high society and quite influential. They have sported black Diamonds on red carpets and several important functions. Black diamonds are considered by some to be above white diamonds. While Black Diamonds are not trending at the moment, it is a high possibility that Black Diamonds will soon emerge as a game changer in luxury jewellery. Rumors of its unique origins, where it is claimed to originate from a meteorite that crashed into the earth years ago will be the topic to push the black Diamond trend.

Diamonds sell like wine, the older they are, the more expensive they get.

So if you decide to make an investment in diamonds for the future, you should know that Evaluations on white diamonds and clear diamonds vary from Coloured Diamonds. The GIA applies the following terms-

  • Faint
  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Dark
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Deep
  • Fancy Vivid

Obviously the deepest, intense colour will be the most preferable.

You can always hop onto our website if you get lost or if you are looking to take baby steps into the world of Diamond and gemstone Jewellery making. Until then, Happy Shopping!

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