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Buying Wholesale Diamonds? What do you need to know!

Anyone with an interest in jewellery making should sit down and make a list of anything that the jewellery design profession rests on. Like investments in Loose Diamonds, Gemstones, precious metals, jewellery making tools, equipment, costs of advertising, shipping, packaging, licensing, permits etc.

Each category just as important as the other and your business can’t take off without each one. But the main investment and the one where you don’t have people pointing you the next direction, we can guide you with.

Wholesale Diamonds.

Why Buy Wholesale Diamonds?

Diamonds are bought in bulk and are less expensive than if you buy a few pieces or a single piece. It means that you can either resell them if they are loose rough diamonds, or you can cut them yourself and sell them loose.

If you are a designer you have the opportunity to sell custom jewelry, which is a rage these days, because people always want a little story behind their piece and custom items appear more sentimental than mass produced.

Things that most Diamond wholesalers have to check off their list-

  • The wholesaler needs to be in a possession of a Rapaport Diamond Report. It's a document that lists out the various standard market rates for each diamond based on the 4 C's.
  • However the wholesalers don’t always specifically follow these rates and may decrease their prices as they wish, depending on the buyer.
  • Many wholesalers have other craftsmen working under them, so they themselves either take custom orders or produce multiple pieces of one design on a standard rate.
  • A professional wholesaler should allow the buyer to thoroughly inspect the product before purchase.

Where can you buy Wholesale Diamonds?

You need to get in touch with a wholesale diamond supplier. A wholesaler is someone who buys a large quantity of diamonds and either he resells it, as a bundle or in singles, to other jewellery designers or anyone looking to create custom jewelry. The benefits of buying wholesale diamonds are that the excruciating process of examining each stone and other exhausting processes are removed when you buy in bulk. You save time, money and it is convenient.

Can you buy Wholesale Diamonds online?

When it comes to wholesale buying, the internet is the obvious first choice.

Through a simple search you can find legitimate websites that sell loose diamonds, gemstones and other jewellery making supplies. Many of them have wholesale and custom offers, and with each season, have various discounts. The best part about shopping online from a website based in another country is that you will be able to benefit not just from sales according to international festivals like Valentine's day or Christmas, but festivals based on the seller's country of origin, for example if you buy from India, you get sales running because of Diwali.

So you can avail of discounts for high quality diamonds and gemstones all year round, whether you buy in singles or wholesale.

These websites will also offer you certification, labeling the type of Diamond, it's properties, composition, if its conflict free, earth mined, or lab grown, the colour, if it's treated or natural, the clarity, size, cut and carat.

You should know that genuine wholesalers only sell to other jewellery making suppliers, jewellery brands or physical stores.

Luckily for you, GemsDiamondsByShikha has offers on wholesale and custom orders, where you can even receive sample pieces of our select Diamond, wholesale raw diamonds, Gemstones and other jewelry supplies. Get in touch with us anytime to know more!

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