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Modern fashion trends with Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Modern fashion trends with Brilliant Cut Diamonds

What are brilliant Cut diamonds?

Brilliant cut diamonds are one of the most, if not the most popular diamond cut in the world. They possess 58 facets, and have the ability to refract light unlike any other diamond or gemstone. More than 75% of the diamonds sold in the world are Brilliant cuts. But designers have started reinventing jewellery using the highly updated version of the European Cut.

The Brilliant cut Diamond Jewelry trends doing well are:-

Brilliant Cut Diamond Earrings Studs

While Helix piercings and other ear piercings have been taking place for many years, many customers have begun fashioning custom Earrings studs using precious metal and Natural Diamond. While for some, the precious metal like Gold, is used to prevent infection and festering, they have also included Natural Diamond and Expensive gemstone to add to the look. This trend seems to be picking up steam in recent years with the studs made from platinum and Round Brilliant Diamonds. If you want to get your hands on these studs, there are many retail websites where you can buy brilliant Cut Diamond studs online. If you were looking to custom make it, then you can even opt for Loose Brilliant Cut Diamonds for sale online. Just be sure to ask for documentation or certificates of authenticity along with your purchase.

Dental jewellery

You may have noticed this trend in the early 2000’s, went silent for a while but has now been introduced into mainstream media with the rise of social media and Instagram Influencers. Influencers and diamond enthusiasts have been embedding Miniature brilliant cut diamonds into their front teeth, to “bring around a bit of sparkle” and why wouldn't they? Who wouldn't love a little bit of pearly whites with an added element of shine!

Custom Grills

This trend is just taking Dental jewellery to another level. While diamond grillz have been around for a while, it is still a raging jewellery piece that is put on display by Rappers and influencers. It is customised with various brilliant diamonds and fancy diamond colours  and with different metals to suit the client's needs and there's always a chance you spot them in rap music videos so keep an eye out!

Cluster Rings

The name says it all, Cluster Rings are a couple of Diamonds, either the same or multiple colours, embedded together like a nest, atop a precious metal band, this type of design is not ideal as engagement or wedding rings, but more as a statement piece.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black Diamonds are said to be heavily included white diamonds also called Salt and Pepper Diamonds and at the same time also rumoured to be cut from meteorite. May seem pointless to some to cut a black diamond using the brilliant cut, considering how the heavily included stone is, and has no ability to refract light in any way. However Brilliant cut black diamond rings possess a powerful vibe that many men and women are buying into.

Layered necklaces

Layered petite chains and necklaces have taken the net by storm and are featured in nearly every beauty or fashion gurus styling process. They can transform any casual look and you can also pair it with formal wear to give it that ultra sex appeal. Fine jewellery makers have included expensive Round Brilliant cut diamonds into layered necklaces, with a single diamond pendant hanging from each chain.


Diamond Charm bracelets

Charm bracelets have been around for years, originating as amulets, hung around the neck or wrapped around the wrist. Today it has evolved into the charm bracelet using carved gemstones and Diamond beads and brilliant cut diamonds. Charm bracelets are usually customized so that they include some personal elements that can be passed down through the family.

Hidden Halo Rings

A curious little design, it involves a brilliant cut diamond fit onto a precious metal band, using an elevated prongs setting. Just beneath the diamond, a ring of tiny diamonds is suspended, that can only be seen when the ring is tilted to one side. This creates an angelic symbolism, that is perfect for a soon to be wed couple.

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