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Raw Rough Diamonds: Smart buying tips you should know


For a customer unfamiliar with diamonds, he would assume that all diamonds are clear, have great clarity, and so are all boxed into one category. But it is actually categorized based on a lot of different factors and characteristics of the diamond.

One such category is raw rough diamonds. Raw rough Diamonds for sale are usually purchased by designers and diamond cutters, to be recut or embedded into another piece of jewelry. Most of the diamonds with the best cut, clarity, colour and carat are usually sold to the biggest diamond jewellery companies in the world, however there's more where that came from, which includes uncut diamonds.

These diamonds have different prices to them, and will definitely not burn a hole in your pocket, if you are wise enough with your investment. So here are some things to keep in mind when you are on the lookout to buy raw and rough diamonds.

  • Know your Diamond-Raw and rough diamonds are just diamonds which have a lot more inclusions in them. But sometimes with the naked eye you cannot even see the inclusions. This does not mean that you can market them as clear diamonds. In the same way make sure that if you are going in for clear and excellent clarity, make sure that you are not being sold included gems.
  • Heavily included diamonds, like salt and pepper stones, upon recutting, may not take the weight or pressure of being recut and there's a slight chance they may split open or crack. So this technique must be done by a skilled individual with years and knowledge of the craft otherwise you may lose out on an expensive investment.
  • Investigate the 4 C’s before you purchase the stone. If it’s an offline purchase (outlet) sellers prefer to interact with you if you know what you are looking for, and will serve you better.
  • Make sure that whatever diamond or gemstone you purchase, particularly if it’s online, that the seller provides you with a certificate of authenticity, it is crucial to have this document with you in case of resale.
  • If the raw Rough Diamond you want to get your hands on is already cut, then if you wish to recut it may be an issue, because the mass is already removed. It would be smarter to go in for a larger, uncut, unpolished stone, that way even if you were to cut a new diamond out of it, you would still have some remaining to use for more diamond jewellery designs.
  • Uncut diamonds for sale, whether lab grown or sourced directly from nature are still cheaper than buying raw and rough cut diamonds, because then not only would you have a lot more material, you are free to choose your own respective cut, style, shape etc.
  • The Rose Cut is the most suitable style for heavily included diamonds. Its large surface area and its absence of a pavilion means that it does not refract light as much. It performs well in low lit conditions and the inclusions in the stone add a unique effect to the beauty of the rose cut.
  • Do not be too quick to discard heavily included diamonds, the inclusions are what give them colour in the first place. But sometimes the imperfections are concentrated in certain areas, and you can observe them with a magnifying glass or the naked eye. Uncut Diamond Jewellery picking up popularity in the modern jewellery space for being unique and unlike the traditional round brilliant. Metaphorically, they do not conform to expected standards, they do beautifully on their own. Something that has been the motto these past few years and years to come.

If you are looking to buy Raw Diamonds online, then you have come to the right place, simply go to our website Gems Diamonds By Shikha and leave us a message if you need a helping hand! We provide wholesale and custom orders and provide only the best quality with certificates of authenticity!

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