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Moissanite-Find the perfect Glam you're looking for!

Have you ever had sleepless nights trying to find the perfect ring for your special day but always end up hitting a dead end because your options are always out of reach or too expensive or they are just not what you are looking for? Then search no further because you've got to us just in time!

Social media is filled with endless insta worthy proposal and pre wedding shoots with that lucky someone sporting a dazzling rock on their finger. While it is worth making memories, societal pressure should not be the driving force towards you finding what really makes you happy! And online trolls don’t make it any better by ring shaming innocent couples online! Take a deep breath and let us help you onto something that will grant you a much needed sigh of relief! The Moissanite!

If you haven't kept up with us in the past, let’s give you a little run through, Moissanite is merely naturally occurring silicon carbide. If you are a Star Wars fan or an admirer of the galaxies, then it would interest you to know that it was found in a meteor crater, by Henri Moissan in 1893, after whom it was named after. It has a higher refractive index and is sparklier. If we had to compare moissanite and diamond, It can be observed that Moissanite has more of a rainbow sparkle and while it can be mistaken for diamond, it is no diamond, however they are quite close to each other in terms of properties on the Mohs scale. They are widely used for commercial and industrial purposes, and while used for jewellery as well, they are only recently starting to pick up in trends. This is where we come in.

If you're not the person interested in Diamond jewellery, the only other logical reason you hunt for a Diamond ring is for a wedding. But Diamond prices fluctuate annually, and newlyweds often have a tight budget, especially for how expensive weddings can get, and also that its a billion dollar market. But a bit of research will give you good alternatives.

Moissanite is the best alternative to Diamond. It is easy on the pocket, compared to its much costlier counterpart. It is Conflict free to ease the conscience. If you need them in any custom shape and size, there are plenty of affordable and trustworthy sites online that will freely help you get your design correct. If you wish to buy moissanite online, you can either but the pre-designed rings, necklaces, earrings etc or buy moissanite diamonds wholesale from the site and have it made at home by a local craftsman. This would give it a more personal touch as well.

However if you simply love or collect fine jewelry then there is something for you as well, and not just because of its affordability. Moissanite Jewellery, because of its similarity in properties to diamond, has a long shelf life, does not scratch or discolour. It’s brilliant rainbow hue makes it a favourite for drop earrings or as beads in haute couture. Setting this stone is no different than setting a regular diamond, you can used prongs, bezel etc and with precious metal connectors in bracelets. Also research what kind of cut you want, will it be a rose cut, brilliant cut, tear drop, square, triangular or emerald? They would make pretty charm jewelry or custom made into family heirloom. Their interesting galactic backstory makes for an excellent conversation piece.

Give henri Moissan’s amazing discovery a look, and head on to our website to find the best quality Moissanite on offer at a discount. We also take wholesale and custom orders, if your interested. And if you get lost we are always at your service with the click of a button.

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