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Loose Moissanite_ An Alternative to Real Diamonds

Loose Moissanite_ An Alternative to Real Diamonds

Loose Moissanite: An Alternative to Real Diamonds

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite stone is a silicone carbide composition, similar to the properties of a diamond. Because of similarity, they are used as a more affordable substitute for diamond. Natural Moissanite was accumulated from meteorites until the 1950’s, until they were discovered in other areas as well. Most Moissanite in the market is however, lab grown.

How is Moissanite Better than Diamond? 

  • It's a much cheaper affordable alternative.
  • It is conflict free.
  • Majority of moissanite out in the world is lab grown.
  • Ranks high on the Mohs scale. (9.5)
  • Does not change colour over time.
  • Is durable and can survive daily wear.

Moissanite is unique in its own way. It can be observed that Moissanite has more of a rainbow sparkle and can be mistaken for diamond, however they are quite close to each other in terms of properties on the Mohs scale. That means that moissanite is just as durable as diamond. So if you are looking for something durable and more affordable than diamond, then Moissanite is something you want.

Why is loose Moissanite a better Alternative?


As a budding jewellery designer or artist, the first thing that comes to mind is managing the expenses of your business. It is a bad idea to immediately jump towards expenditure on Diamond jewellery making unless you feel you have already developed the required experience towards crafting such luxury jewellery items..

But, It will be around this point that you will consider investing in LOOSE moissanite wholesale online or through local vendors, or gemstone like quartz, jade and more that are considerably cheaper. The difference is that you can start small and slowly grow your income, improving your business and experience for riskier stones like Diamond,Since Moissanite share similar properties of diamonds they are a good start.

Note- Moissanite being very close, looks wise to diamond, will help customers get an idea of your work, if and when you begin designing with diamond.

Ethically Sourced/ Conflict free

Since most Moissanite is lab grown, they fall under the category of ethically sourced, conflict free jewelry options. Every day, environmental friendly, conflict free alternatives to various goods and commodities are on the rise and the diamond jewellery sector is catching up.

Moissanite Jewellery has a brilliant rainbow hue that performs well as any kind of designs meant for luxury diamond jewellery. Setting this stone is no different than setting a regular diamond, you can use prongs, bezel etc and with precious metal connectors in bracelets. It would do well with fantasy themed pieces, with the help of its rainbow sparkle. If you go looking to buy moissanite online for sale you can easily find it along with discounts and offers on wholesale and customer orders.


 At Shikha you can find them in various shapes and sizes such as rose cuts, cabochons, brilliant cut, pear, oval, emerald, baguettes etc. Also available as slices.

When buying a Moissanite gemstone, keep in mind, always ask for a certificate to check the authenticity of the stone in case you have your doubts.

Head on to our website to find the best quality Gemstones, Diamonds and Moissanite on offer at a discount. We also take wholesale and custom orders, if you're interested. Remember, we are always at your service with the click of a button.









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