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Is it a good idea to buy rough diamonds?

Is it a good idea to buy rough diamonds?
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Rough Diamonds are Diamonds, very simply put, in their rough state. This means they may contain a number of inclusions, particles, air bubbles and other matter that may cloud the inside of the stone in some areas and this will be visible to the naked eye. Some rough Diamonds have a lesser percentage of inclusions and appear to be clearer up close, but are still considered rough.

While in their original state, the Raw Diamonds are sold as they are to Diamond craftsmen and other jewellery makers, in some cases the Diamond’s may be cut and polished and sold as Salt and Pepper Diamonds.

Is it risky to buy Rough Diamonds?

To the common man or anyone unfamiliar with the various categories of Diamonds, Raw Rough Diamonds can seem like a scary investment, because all you hear is this.

  • Filled with inclusions
  • Air bubbles will lead to it cracking on impact.
  • Looks milky
  • Doesn't shine
  • Has no market value.
  • Difficult to work with.
  • Does not pair well with other Diamonds, gemstones and different precious metals.

So we are here to bust some myths

  • Raw Rough Diamond inclusions don't render them useless.
  • Only very large amounts of Air Bubbles within Rough Diamonds can cause it to split.
  • Diamond buyers are allowed to inspect the Salt and pepper Diamond under a magnifying glass before purchase.
  • Online Buyers are granted details of Diamond specifications online, along with return and refunds guarantee including samples.
  • The number of inclusions vary across Diamonds therefore affecting their pricing, looks and colours etc.
  • The more greyish appearance leans towards a more affordable pricing, however this does not mean they do not sparkle.
  • Every diamond sparkles. Even jet Blak Diamonds possess their own metallic glow and are sold at a high price to a niche clientele.
  • The Inclusions that are distributed within the stone give it a marble appearance and while the light taken in is not distributed evenly, it still is dispersed through the stone giving you a low lit sparkle
  • Salt and pepper diamonds, including Diamonds or raw rough Diamonds do well as Rose cuts, because the larger surface area is more appealing combined with the marble like inclusions and shows off its flaws brilliantly.
  • Salt and Pepper Diamonds or Raw Rough Diamonds most certainly DO have market value. They have a large fan base and are pretty much sought after by all jewellery designers. The issue is that the general public is unaware that such Diamonds exist, not to mention the haughty dismissal of Rough Diamonds by large diamond corporations, who’s only aim is to sell the highest priced item to the public.
  • In the whole grand scheme of things, Rough Diamonds are sold and included in designs by many independent designers, this is why you will never see them on the red carpet or advertised on a large scale. Because most jewellery brands PAY celebrities to sport their best designs. Unless of course the celebrities choose to support small designers or larger independent designers will you spot a Rough Diamond.
  • Independent designers are turning the tide in jewellery design, Instagram being a global platform has shed light on unique design from all over the world including Rough Diamonds in their work. Discarding the classical or cookie cutter ideas towards jewellery, they are bringing fresh perspective to this field.
  • Natural Color Diamonds are amongst the prettiest category of Rough Diamonds. They come in exciting shades like Pink, greens, blue and yellow. If they were to be recut, and turned into rose cut Diamonds, they would do brilliantly. But a better idea is to leave them as they are, because natural diamonds of various colours are doing very well at the moment.

People no longer look to the typical clear or white, brilliant cut round diamond, instead many opt for -

  • Raw Rough Diamonds, set with gold bezel
  • Emerald stones
  • Wire Wrapped Gemstone
  • Diamond slices
  • Carved gemstones
  • Healing crystals, birthstones and pendulums.
  • Minimal Rose gold jewelry with salt and pepper diamonds.
  • Stacked rings
  • Diamond Clusters

 In Conclusion-It is not risky at all to buy Rough Diamonds, it depends though, on how you plan to utilise it! And how skilled you are at your work, or how skilled your craftsmen are. But the same logic can be applied to any area in life. Natural Diamonds are fairly easy to work with, and being the hardest substance on the Mohs scale, will not damage easily when you set them, just be sure to use high quality metals and proper settings or you will risk losing the diamond. Over the course of time, many designers or diamond buyers have grown comfortable with Uncut Diamonds and they are trending in many areas of the internet. So put your anxiety away and go for it!

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