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Why Valentine's Day is Important for buying Diamond Jewellery

Why Valentine's Day is Important for buying Diamond Jewellery

Every year, Valentines Day comes around creating a ripple in various Industries, with people going out of their way to ensure their partners, loved ones or even themselves receive the best pampering during the month of love.

While this indulgence will of course affect the diamond jewellery sector, the benefits of such a holiday may not be yet visible, until said event is over. Why Is that?

Leading up to Valentine's Day, partners or potential star crossed hopefuls flock to stores seeking out the perfect gift for their special someone. While stores do offer discounts at the time, they are not as good as one could hope for. Because most of the stock is new and specifically caters to valentines day. So the designs would more or less be with rubies, garnets, diamonds, moissanites etc, cut or embedded into heart shapes pendants, earrings, necklaces etc. But because of the high prices, people would still go in for more suitable classic princess or brilliant cut stones, designs that are timeless and not just centered around Valentines day.

Because most of the stock is new  and surrounding the theme of valentines day, you will find  rose cut diamonds for sale, (rose cut diamonds are considered romantic), the classic brilliant cut diamonds, in shades of pink and other colours and other such diamond jewellery online and in stores.. So it's quite unlikely that the prices of such products would be less. It is common for industries to respond to large demands with high prices, and by doing so making good business by selling to customers that are late to the gifting scene. But good things come to those who wait.

Post valentines day, stores and outlets drop their prices, to create sales and may way for newer designs and pieces, basically fresh stock. In the midst of the custom designed jewellery is a load of raw rough diamonds for sale online and at outlets, cut, uncut gemstones, diamonds, connectors among other raw materials. So the best time to hit the Buy Now  button is now.

You can avail of heavy discounts both online and offline . With large stones, you can choose to recut or reset using various or newer precious metal connectors and watch your pieces transition from valentine themes to classic pieces. Regardless, the diamond jewellery emotional selling point is love, anyway.

 This is also a good time to purchase, for anyone on a budget, or on the lookout for an affordable jewellery set or engagement ring. Young couples, who have not splurged on valentine's day are probably waiting for this moment. So not only as a designer, you can avail of this period in the year, you are also catering to buyers looking for a good deal.

You can also stock up on raw material for the rest of the working year, rather than wait for the next big sale to come along. If you look online,  discover for yourself which outlets are handing out discounts, ranging from custom orders to wholesale prices. Just be certain to make sure they are still selling you good quality material, and that you receive certificates of authenticity along with your purchase.

If you wish to take a step into diamond and precious stone buying, we can easily guide you on the process. So check out our site and drop us a message if you need a helping hand!





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