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How to pick your perfect Rose Cut Diamond Jewelry

For decades, the traditional round brilliant cut white diamond has ruled the jewelry kingdom. But prior to that, the Rose Cut Diamond held the crown. Now it's gearing up to make its way back to the 21st century. We have entered an era where nostalgia and vintage is the newest attraction, be it movies, television, fashion and jewelry.

In 2012, Justin Theroux proposed to Jennifer Aniston, with what was assumed to be an eight carat, emerald cut diamond engagement ring, worth $500,000 with a yellow gold band. The details of the ring were never released to the public, but the arguments gave rise to the assumption that it was a Rose Cut Diamond. This put the spotlight on the rose cut, and boosted searches of Rose Cut Diamonds online.

What is a Rose Cut Diamond?

A diamond that has a flat base, with a domed faceted surface, is a Rose Cut Diamond. The surface is cut to emulate a rose bud and it's petals. It can range from 3 to 24 facets depending on the number of inclusions.

How are rose cut diamonds different from other cut diamonds?

If you hold up a round brilliant cut diamond upto eye level you will notice that it has a crown, with a pavilion leading to the culet. (In layman terms, pointy edge beneath the girdle) The crown has a flat top (table) which drops to the girdle. However, a rose cut diamond has a domed multiple faceted surface.

In what shape and colour will you find a rose cut diamond?

Rose cut diamonds are made from gems that diamond cutters are unable to cut brilliant diamonds from. They make use of the small, unshapely stones with a large surface volume. Rose cuts are also implemented on stones that have few or multiple inclusions, because rose cuts are said to accentuate inclusions, giving them a vintage look. Also, the clear stones with excellent clarity are reserved for the round brilliant. However if you are looking to buy loose rose cut diamonds for sale, you can pop over to this link.

Types of Rose Cuts

Single cut

A single cut is a rose cut diamond comprising of a single layer and circled with tiny diamonds. Perfect for an engagement ring.

Double cut

The double layer in the diamond is centered. The ones that are at a high or low level are known as double cut or Dutch rose cut.

Antique Rose Cut

This technique dates back to the Victorian era, and so at that time it was hand cut. But not anymore. Today if you wish to selectively own an antique rose cut ring, you should raid an antique store that sells vintage jewelry.

Are you interested in Rose Cut Diamond Jewelry?

Few things to look up before you set out to shop


There are many factors leading to rose cut diamonds being low cost and more affordable than the brilliant cut, reasons being popularity, inclusions, cut, sparkle etc. Nevertheless, affordability is a good reason to shop the rose cut.

Diamond performance

Rose cuts have more of a luster than a sparkle and perform really well in low light conditions. This is because they do not have a pavilion with excess cuts to bounce light around inside the diamond, hence the less sparkle. So, keep this in mind in case you’re the type who likes sparkly stones.


Rose cut diamonds can be held with a flat base, prongs and bezel, and collet. It’s flat base makes it appropriate and convenient to even attach to precious metals connectors for use in haute couture, and on other high end designer clothing. Many Swarovski crystals are Flatback Rose Cuts, and they are brilliantly successful in their sales and are used far and wide from the regular at-home artist to the previously multibillion-dollar Victoria's Secret. These stones have a glue on the base, which gets activated through a heat source to attach to clothing.

Size, Shape and Colour

You can find these stones in colours like black, champagne, opaque, rustic, light brown, salt and pepper, opaque white, grey and yellow. When choosing a colour, it is smart to stick to the colour of the natural rose flower like pale yellow, pink etc. for better effect. Shapes come in oval, pear, Marquise, traditional rounds, hexagonal and freeform. Appearing visually larger, it carries the same carat weight as a round brilliant diamond, with a lesser cost. So, take your pick.

The Diamond Band Matters

Although the usual style for the Rose cut is a Rose Gold or Dull gold band with a Bezel setting, you are free to experiment. You can intertwine two different metals and go crazy with ring design. If you need some tips on the perfect metal band you can start here.

Vintage style

This peculiar cut dates to the 1500’s when it was cut by hand. It had a slightly uneven oval shape, with the cuts highlighting a few flaws. But because the technique was so old, it became associated with romance and vintage style. Salt and Pepper Diamonds are synonymous with antique jewellery, and also because the inclusions with the stone create wonderful unique marble swirls which give it that old world look.  Diamonds from this era were mostly of the Raw Rough Diamond kind.

Buying online

Potential customers who are still wary about diamond investment, obviously turn to the internet for the rose cut diamond price, before making a move or researching further. Understandable, considering they do not want to be fooled into spending a lot on a non-genuine product. So the best idea is to research and scout a certified gemologist, trader, designer or brand if you wish to buy rose cut diamond jewelry.

Celebrity and Social media influence

In this tumultuous year of 2020 , there has been a baby boom, in the event of the lockdown, and also an increase in proposals and marriages, while large ceremonies have not yet taken place, many have proposed to their supposed partner. Recently, Lily Collins received a Rose Cut Diamond ring with a thin gold band. Adding to the list of other famous Rose Cut Diamond recipient's like Jennifer Aniston and Camila Alves. While this list seems to be growing at a snail's pace, it is growing, nonetheless. In the very near future, there is sure to be an influx of Rose Cut Diamond engagement rings. Because instagram has already caught up with the magic of the Rose cut and independent designers are experimenting with different fantasy design techniques.

Investment during recession

Financial planning is crucial for any business. In the pandemic era, investment not only will go into overheads, materials, and packaging, but will now also include sanitation. As people and businesses begin to find their feet during this kind of strife, precautions will be taken to prevent any further similar outbreak and to prevent harming each person's life.  So, costs will go up everywhere. But rest assured, if you stay focused and plan well, there is no reason for your business to go under. For example, many businesses turned to online selling and distanced home delivery and their businesses did well and they managed to sustain their employees.

Availability of resources in a global crisis

During any crisis, such as a virus outbreak, natural calamity, or terror attack, you may find services suspended, particularly if you order your materials from overseas. While this is no need to cause panic, you should have a backup plan in case this were to happen. Pre stock your inventory and store them well so that they don't spoil. Cut down on waste as far as possible. It depends on the seller if he wishes to bring down the prices of his products in a crisis, but some prefer to shut shop for a while, because it is appropriate in that kind of environment. Also offering some support ensures the clients that you are aware of the current problematic scenario. This in turn builds future business customer relationships.

While we can only help you with the facts surrounding diamonds and jewelry, it all comes down to choosing the piece that speaks to you the most. Does it remind you of a moment or someone special? Is it intended for someone special? Maybe it is a piece that is like one grandma owned? Diamond Jewelry is considered as sentimental keepsake, and is passed down through generations in a family, as a sign of love and heritage.

If you need help with your search, we are just a click away! Leave us an email at shikha@gemsdiamondsbyshikha.com and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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