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Things to look out for before choosing the perfect charm pendant!

Everybody has something in life that they hold close to themselves, that they treasure or that they believe brings them immense luck. Either a family heirloom or just a good luck charm. Can range from anything from shells to precious stones, or even small pieces of Lego or an acorn. They are small and can either fit into a wallet or a pocket, or hung around the neck. Much like a charm pendant.

Good luck charms have various origins and are found to have been prominent in various cultures. Amulets and Talismans are a kind of charm, hung from the neck or wrist, by a single thread. Said to bring good luck, or prevent grievous injury or death.

For example you have the Lucky Rabbit foot adopted from African culture, the four leaf clover from Ireland, and Chinese charms in Feng Shui. In fact if you think about it, religious idols themselves are in a way, charms, but not many would prefer to see it that way. Regardless all of the concepts have inspired people in conceptualizing ideas and design within the jewelry industry, and have helped sell a concept and a jewelry item molded into one. Much like the idea of the wedding ring. And this Idea has generated a billion dollar Industry.

What makes a Charm a Charm?

A charm pendant should be smaller than a regular pendant, so that it creates less hassle and doesn't get in the way during movement. Charm pendants are these days mainly suspended from bracelets and you would find multiple of those on one chain. Made from precious metals and diamonds or crafted with cheaper material with cubic zirconia to suit the pocket. Can be designed to replicate a particular animal, any element of nature, a sun sign etc. Sometimes passed down from generation to generation.

Things to keep in mind before you buy a Charm Pendant


Getting a charm pendant is similar to getting a tattoo, except if you want it changed, it's less painful. But if you are going to be spending money in the first place, better think about it first, so you lay out your choices, your preference, your favourite stone and precious metals before you take the next step. Design is key in this step. Re-Designing, in case you change your mind would not only be time consuming but would also cost a lot more.

Metal and Gemstone

Many people prefer charms that represent their sun sign-birth month, so in the case of February, the birthstone selected would be amethyst, or for August-Peridot. But if the customer is less selective, then perhaps diamonds or topaz. Topaz charms are very common, and are far less expensive than diamonds. If you are more the antique kind, you can stroll through various outlets that sell vintage jewelry, as they are the perfect spot for charm bracelets or pendants. When setting the stones, ensure that the metal is sturdy and the links and connectors do not break or loosen if they are tugged.


Shopping online is your best option, you can gather inspiration, ideas, information on various material and precious stones, and tips from people who have invested their money into charms. If you decide to make a purchase online there are plenty of really good websites that sell Charm Pendants wholesale and that offer certification upon request.


For charm bracelets, each pendant is drilled, looped and suspended from the chain with links. The pendant itself, if not directly cut from Crystal or any gemstone, will be a precious metal or any peculiar shape with precious stones embedded into the metal. If you wish to buy charm pendants online, there's a good chance that you will also come across charms with connectors attached if you want to add that extra touch of creativity to your design.


Any precious stones or jewellery is expected to be kept safe, clean and dry within a velvet pouch or box. Diamonds while considered to be the hardest substance, will surely stand the test of time. However there is a possibility that they may come loose from their settings, if they snag on something or receive any kind of pressure. And if the stone is a softer gemstone, it is susceptible to minor damage or scratches if thrown around recklessly.

Potential heirloom

If you are creating a piece of if you are in pursuit of one, that you wish to pass onto your descendants, you will have to think long term. What designs, stones and metals that won't erode or break off with time over the years or when worn repeatedly.

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