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How to make the most out of Included Diamonds and Gemstones


To an aspiring jewellery designer or craftsman, the idea of launching your own brand or craft is tedious, especially with the high cost of raw material particularly for someone who is just starting out. So the initial stages you would tend to reuse discarded jewellery, design with waste or just stick to manipulation of precious metal.

But in the long run when you start to get noticed or pick up steam, that's when you need to get serious and really put in your investments. Rough diamond and gemstone will be crucial at this point.

Since both are mined in their rough state, and are not put through the process of cutting, polishing and shaping, they are pretty much cheaper than their better treated counterparts.

But be warned, while looking to buy raw rough diamond and gemstone online, and if you are relatively new to this process, you might end up with a loss.

Keep in mind that raw rough diamonds and gemstones online, may have impurities or cracks that you won't be able to see online or with the naked eye. So read out the website disclaimer and their return or refunds policy before you take that next step. Also insist on the certificate of authenticity, these documents give you most of the details of the stone and are valuable upon resale.

But now that you have your stones how can you make use of them?

Raw Rough Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery

The simplest way to maximize use of rough stones and luckily is picking up trends globally. Most designers just roughly cut the stones down to size, slightly polish and drill them and they are hung on strands for necklaces, earrings etc. Some designers slice one side, flattening it, and then have it set in bezel are earrings or rings giving it a druzy effect. Druzy Gemstone Jewellery is a very popular galaxy inspired look.

Mix and max

Cluster jewellery is a somewhat outlandish yet very pretty technique of utilising different textures and colours for one item of jewellery. Most of them are set with prongs but the end result is up to you

Charm bracelets

Charm bracelets are a very popular themed pieces of jewellery that is generally customised and worn by the masses. Within the range of miniature rocking horses, crucifixes and hearts, you can install mini carved gemstones figures or simple gemstone beads that coincide with the buyer's birth month or spiritual belief. For example amethyst for the piscean, month of February, is a stone said to avoid or cure drunkenness and hangovers.

Diamond Dust

As the name implies, it's diamonds turned to dust. While cutting a diamond the excess fragments are cut off and instead of being tossed and crushed further to miniscule sizes and used in industrial settings or in jewellery and in rare cases, expensive facial cosmetics. How you use this material is up to you.

Rose cut

The best technique to actually show off inclusions in a raw rough diamond and gemstone. The rose cut is designed to imitate the bud of a rose, and is usually cut from rose coloured diamond and gemstones like yellow and pink. However because of the flatish base and the lack of pavilion, most of the carat weight is on top. Since there are less facets, it cannot refract as much light as a brilliant cut diamond, but it performs well in low light settings. The beauty of the rose cut is that it shows off the inclusions in a very unique way unlike anything else. Giving it a sort of marble effect, that adds to its romantic antique look.

You have an endless list of options available with diamond and gemstones. So let's get started. Log onto to GemsDiamondsbyShikha for more information.

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