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Criteria to keep in mind when buying diamond and topaz charms

Charm jewelry goes way back in time. If you trace its roots, you may realise that it all initially started with the talisman, a dainty object from a specific material, in its natural state or carved into a symbol or shape, and left to hang, suspended from a rope or thread wound around the neck or wrist. It was said to bring good luck and protection from illness or evil. This concept goes back hundreds of years and has been visible across many cultures throughout history.

This practice is still prevalent amongst some people although frowned upon by the masses. The rest of us may not even notice that we do encourage charms, it's just present in the form of a crucifix and other religious symbols or keepsakes, like lockets. Over the years and designers constantly looking for inspiration to create newer designs, the talisman evolved into the charm pendant.

Charm pendants these days usually surround a chain bracelet, attached to the chain with loops or connectors. The charms are usually in diamond, crystals or topaz. Sometimes the stones are embedded into precious metals moulds or instead, a soft gemstone is carved and hung in place.

But before going forward with your purchase, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

While people hover around a diamond’s Shape and size, they don’t really dwell on the same topic when it comes to topaz. Because the topaz has a bigger strength, and that is its colour. The most popular and most prettiest colour to behold in this gemstone is blue. The vibrant colour determines the price point in topaz. And luckily for you, blue isn't the only colour they appear in. Some stones display two colours, known as bicolour topaz. Yellow topaz is less expensive as compared to other colours and red is the most expensive. But if you are going in for topaz as a substitute for diamond, then you have plenty of clear options.

The hardness for topaz is only an 8 on the Mohs scale whereas diamond is a solid 10. So take care when handling or embedding topaz. While it is not very susceptible to damage, it will most certainly split open upon heavy impact.

You won’t have this issue with diamonds because they are quite durable, but they come with a large price tag.

You take care of topaz jewellery, the same way you look after diamond jewellery, but keep in mind, do not let any harsh chemicals touch the gemstones, and clean it regularly. Otherwise it is a perfectly durable gemstone.

The buying tips for both diamond and topaz are the same,

Look for inclusions and visible cracks, know your 4C's,  ask for certificates of authenticity, evaluate your budget.

If you are looking to buy diamond and topaz charms online, then there are plenty of suitable options for you out there.

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