Blue Diamonds: Most Precious Desirable Gemstone You Can Ever Have

What are Blue Diamonds?

Blue Diamonds are a rare and valuable type of Diamond, wherein the chemical structure includes trace amounts of Boron to add to their blue hue. Because of this insane coloring, it is categorized as a fancy diamond. 

Why are Blue Diamonds so valuable?

Because Natural Blue Diamonds are so rare and valuable, companies will artificially enhance the color of other Diamonds, to make them blue. However the two colors between the natural and again, natural but enhanced colors are quite different leading to a large gap in pricing between the two. The only way to tell if the stone is natural is by looking at the certificate. Apart from this the blue tones come in various shades of blue, mostly grey blue, greenish blue etc. 

Where is the best place to wear blue Diamonds?

“Something Borrowed, Something Blue” and Diamonds in general being heavily associated with weddings. Blue Diamonds would suit such occasions. Blue is associated with a heavenly presence, so it makes sense to combine the two. They would make for wonderful engagement rings and also family jewelry heirlooms. 

Blue Diamonds give out the appearance of ice crystals, so winter is a good time to present them as gifts to your loved ones. While brilliant cuts will be well received, if the receiver is not a fan of sparkly jewellery, then rose cuts should do the trick. Silver precious metals like platinum would better suit blue Diamonds. 

Why are Blue Diamonds so unique?

Since Blue Diamonds are categorized as fancy Diamonds, you immediately know that they are rarer than colourless, clear diamonds. Blue Diamonds are up there in the unique sphere with red , pink and Violet Diamonds. But could they be even rarer than these? Yes! They are Type IIb diamonds. Basically the fainter the colour is, the cheaper they get, and the higher colour intensity will equal a higher price. Then of course there's the size where bigger means pricier.

Where can you buy blue diamonds?

Most Natural Blue Diamonds can be sourced from Africa and Australia, but it is available in many parts of the world. Of course you can easily order legitimate blue diamonds online.

If you want to buy blue Diamonds online for sale, you just need to suss out a legit website or Etsy Store that sells them. If you are a jeweller, you should look for the option to buy blue diamonds wholesale online. Be sure to ask for certificates of authenticity which you should receive at a fee. 

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