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Buying Rose Cut Diamonds: How, What and Why!

Buying Rose Cut Diamonds: How, What and Why!

Going back in time, you might have noticed that those that sported luxurious, fine jewellery were Royalty, Nobility and members of the Church. And on further observation realised that there are no Round Brilliant Cuts in sight. So where were they? Truth be told, they came into existence much later. Another cut held the hypnotic power that the classic Brilliant cut diamond holds today. The Rose Cut, or the Antique cut, a fitting title that points out just how far it's come.

They are Unique

When was the last time you actually saw someone sport a Rose Cut Diamond? In a Pendant? Necklace? Earrings? Rings? That's because the world is so over saturated with the brilliant cut, that it pushes away the appearance of the Rose Cut. The last time, people actively noticed or learnt WHAT a Rose Cut diamond was, was when Jennifer Aniston sported one,given to her by then fiance Justin Theroux.

They are Antique

Any artifact that is old, i.e an antique that may be associated with a famous figure, or from a particular time period will most certainly be bought out when its value is discovered. Since Rose Cut diamonds are an old technique of diamond cutting, they are most likely to be found in vintage stores, or are in possession of families that pass down heirlooms. When Brilliant cuts were rolled out, with their sparklier demeanor and their ability to refract more light than any other stone, they knocked off whatever popularity that the Rose Cut carried and also the demand. Although Rose Cuts are still being produced, they are still unique to this current time period.

They are Affordable

It is normal, that for something low in demand, the prices come down. Since Emerald Cut Diamonds, Brilliant Cut Diamonds and Princess cut Diamonds are dominating the scene, their prices are considerably higher than the antique cut. However this does not mean just about anyone can splurge on Rose Cuts, they are still Diamonds afterall and diamonds and gemstones are pricey.

They are Romantic

The best marketing scheme in the world is the one used to sell diamond rings and other pieces of jewellery is - Love. This simple yet powerful concept has been used through the ages to sell various items worldwide, whether it is real estate, vehicles, jewellery, pets, you name it. Even the concept of Marriage is sold on this Idea. The wedding industry is one of the most profitable Industries making over a billion dollars annually, and a good chunk of it is on wedding and engagement rings. And the one stone most attached to this concept is the Rose Cut. Because of its dominance over the Shakespearean era, it has that Romeo and Juliet Vibe to it, and is something that has been used to push sales ever since its emergence into the modern jewellery scene. So they are a perfect choice for anyone looking for more affordable yet romantic options.

So now you know WHY people buy them. But here's what you should know before you take the next step into buying them

Shape and Cut

The Stone is cut to imitate the buds of a rose, hence the name. It has a flattish base with a dome, cut into facets that gather at a point on the surface. Because of the lack of pavilion , there is not much to refract light, so it has a glimmer rather than a sparkle. Because of the absence of a pavilion, most of the carat weight is on the surface, bringing the price down. This stone is perfect for low light settings and is also how many swarovski crystals are cut.

Stones they are cut from

Nearly every diamond of gemstone can be cut this way, the more likely being pink, yellow or white gemstones or diamonds. This is because they wanted to imitate the Rose plant in colour as well as design. This is to intensify the concept of Romance.

Price range

Again, Gemstones and Diamonds are priced differently with quite a substantial gap between the two. But Rose cuts are considered affordable because of low demand. If for any reason, demand were to hit the roof, so will the costs. And it is also relatively easier to cut a rose cut than a brilliant cut, which is a bit more complex and requires skilled technique. In the case of the stone, it is found that included diamonds, Raw Rough Diamonds or Salt and Pepper stones are sought out for the Rose cut, because the dome faceted design brings out the beauty of the impurities within the gem, and in some cases lessening the sight of the inclusions. So you can say that production costs are low, which is also good news for anyone looking to buy Rose Cut Diamond jewellery.


Diamonds rate the Highest on the Mohs scale. If you're looking for durability specifically, go in for diamonds. They won't get scratched, they don't get discoloured, as long as they are kept clean, they will remain the same way, as when you purchased them.


For this Cut, the most basic yet advised setting is the bezel, or the collet. The bezel setting is the most secure setting for diamond jewellery. You also get precious metal jewelry connectors with a bezel setting that is instrumental in quick jewelry design for necklaces, charm bracelets, earrings and chokers. The bezel setting has a metal rim that encircles and traps the stone in place. So no pressure or Rough handling could loosen the stone in any way. If you choose to opt for prongs, take note, that it may come loose under great external force, and you will lose you precious stone and all your money.

So what do you think? Ready to take the plunge into Rose Cut diamond?

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