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Different Shapes of a Diamond

Different Shapes of a Diamond

For anyone that hasn’t watched Sex and the City, there is a particularly controversial scene where Carrie Bradshaw, stumbles upon her fiancé’s engagement ring to her, and throws up in the sink when she sees that it’s a pear shape diamond, with a gold band. Confused? It means that such a huge moment for her, didn't feel right, because she felt that her fiancé didn't know her at all, based on the kind of ring he got her. In her words, “That's just not me, how can I marry a guy who doesn't know which ring is me?” she told her friends, of which one of them actually helped pick the ring, and was confused as to why she was upset. While there will always be complex reactions to anything that people are gifted in life, we will include a way to  get around this situation and what to do if after your hard work, things still go south!

Round Shape Diamond

The most expensive and popular Diamond in the World that has dominated news spaces for decades, the Round Brilliant Cut is a classic. You see it everywhere from red carpets to royalty, and even on the finger of your next door neighbor. They are so common, many of them are passed down as family heirlooms or recycled into better settings. This is the safest option for an engagement ring, but unfortunately is also amongst the most expensive. However your price can decrease depending on colour and clarity. For example, Salt and pepper Brilliant Diamonds are more affordable because many customers reach for clear diamonds that are sparklier. However it is not as if S&P Diamonds don’t sparkle. It just that with more inclusions equals lesser pricing.This is the safest option, but fret not, we have more!Also, you probably looked up Diamond Jewellery options because you are in a desperate need to quickly find the perfect Diamond for the following reasons- An Engagement Ring, an Anniversary present, a gift- or simply just a little something for yourself!Nevertheless. We are here to help! Here we list out various Diamond Shapes and what they are associated with, which ones perform according to their shape and what colours suit them best. Have a look!

Emerald Shape Diamond

Emerald shape diamonds emit a sense of Royalty. If the receiver is into history, then this should be an appropriate stone. Emerald Cuts can be applied to any colour gemstone or stone but looks the best when it's green emerald gemstone, or green Diamond. However White emeralds cuts are also lovely.

Cushion Shape Diamond

Cushion shapes are cozy, yet classy options for a diamond. They are quite modern, yet somehow have an old timer classic appeal to it. Its precise cut leads to an excess dispersion of light, with an intense fire. Cushions with a depth under 70% and a table under 70% ensure the best sparkle.


Oval Shape Diamond

Oval Shaped Diamonds are said to elongate the fingers and hide inclusions well. The best part? They are less expensive than the typical brilliant cut Diamonds and look fabulous.

Princess Shape Diamond

To make it simple, princess cuts look like square shaped Diamonds. This ranks second in popularity after the round shape diamond, but it does possess a brilliant cut traditionally. This one is perfect for an engagement ring. These shapes are usually set with prongs, with the inclusions around this area, so that it is not visible to the naked eye.

Pear Shape Diamond / Teardrop Diamond

Pear shaped engagement rings, apart from that Sex and the City scene, are actually quite popular. A recent recipient of a pear shaped Diamond, is Emily Ratajhowski, who opted for a princess Cut Diamond and a Pear Shaped Diamond, side by side, on the same gold band, an unusual choice, but not unheard of. Most customers prefer pear shaped diamond or tear drop diamonds pendants and earrings, for a more glamorous aesthetic appeal.

Asscher Shape Diamond

Asscher cuts are similar to emerald cuts, except that the Asscher cut has more facets-58 in total and is therefore sparklier. Emerald shapes and cuts are best applied to gemstones, whereas the asscher cut is preferable for Diamond.

Baguette Diamond

Baguette Diamonds are long and rectangular; Baguette Shape Diamonds are usually used to compliment another larger Diamond on a band. However you can always customize your engagement ring. Unless you choose to set multiple miniature baguette accent diamonds onto one band, surrounding it.

Radiant Cut Diamond

Radiant diamonds were introduced around 20 years ago. This Diamond is an emerald shape with a brilliant cut, and looks absolutely stunning.

Marquise Cut Diamond

Said to have been crafted for King Louis XIV of France who wanted a diamond that simulated the smile of Marquise de Pompadour. The Marquise stone resembles an oval cut diamond, but has pointed ends where the Diamond peaks on either side.


Heart Shape Diamond

Perhaps the most sought after, for occasions like Valentine’s day and Wedding anniversaries, Heart shape Diamonds are cut using the brilliant cut, in the shape of a heart. The more popular stones that sell are natural or treated coloured Diamonds or gemstones in pinks, lilacs and champagne. As an engagement ring? They receive mixed reactions. But you never know unless you try!

Rose Cut Diamond

If you are looking for a Diamond that looks large in appearance, yet is within your budget, Rose Cut Diamonds are the best. Rose Cuts, date back centuries, and are amongst the oldest Diamond cuts. Their lack of pavilion gives them a flattish base, and their domed faceted top makes the diamond seem larger, with all the carat weight at the top.

Sliced Diamond

Diamond slices are fairly new to the public. They are mostly laser cut, and completely flat. Cut from Raw Diamond, they show off the inclusions within the stone perfectly.

Fancy Cut Diamonds

Fancy cut Diamonds are basically any other Diamonds besides, “Round Diamonds”. You also have the term, Fancy Color Diamonds for Naturally Colored Diamonds like Pink Diamonds, yellow diamonds, blue diamonds, green diamonds etc.

Raw Rough Diamond

Raw Rough Diamonds are excavated from the earth's surface and sold as they are in their raw rough form. There is an increasing trend in Raw Rough Diamond Jewellery, where Uncut Rondelle Diamonds are set with precious metals into rings and earrings or used with minimalistic jewellery.

Know This-The more facets-The sparklier the Diamonds. If this is what you aim for, prepare an appropriate budget

What to do if your final ring design is not appreciated or accepted?Before you propose, ask the jeweler if they offer refunds, exchanges, certificates and money back guarantee.

Ask the designer or craftsmen if they are willing to redesign using the same stone and metal for a limited price, or if they can replace the stone only.

In case you started out small because you have a limited budget, it's perfectly fine, because you have the option of getting the ring upgraded at each milestone of your relationship with your loved one.

Another smart option is to recycle an old family heirloom that may have been passed onto you. You can just send it for a thorough cleaning before your proposal, or have the craftsmen remove the stones and reset it in a more unique modern design. That way you need only pay for the labour and new metal.

Do you think this got you started on the basics? Let us know what you think! For more on Diamonds and Gemstones, you can head to our website https://gemsdiamondsbyshikha.com/


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